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March 2018



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"Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May"

But really! Hail should not fall out of a blue sky!

It has been alternating sunny and warm with dark storm clouds and cold rain all day today. And just a few minutes ago it was hailing.

In other news. I missed my swim on Thursday but my new Polynesian Floral swimdress arrived. It is very pretty and it seems much more sturdy then my first one. It takes longer to dry though. It is not fun to put on a cold wet swimsuit. I had been warned that swimdresses are problematic because the skirts are always floating up in the water. But this is more of a problem in the jacuzzi then in the lap pool.

I'm up to 5 min on the recumbent stepper. That is actually 7 minutes. 5 repetitions of 60sec with arm only rest breaks of 30sec in between.


it's lovely

but the dummy is a little frightening.

So how do you FEEL? Are you noticing any difference in how out of breath you get doing things? Like walking across a parking lot, or how many stairs it takes or anything like that? Or is your body recovering any quicker? (Meaning, does it take less time for your heart rate to drop after exertion)

Re: it's lovely

Most of the things you have mentioned have not really changed. It is still a struggle for me to get up the stairs to the apartment. And today walking around the hospital really strained my knee.

The biggest change for me so far is that I can now bend over and pick things off the floor (I had lost the ability to do that), and just standing up has become less painfull. My mom says I look better and the swim instructor says that my gait has improved.

I'm really not a very good judge of my own improvement. But I do think I'm healthier because of all this exercize. And I really enjoy it.

I have been sleeping a lot and I'm tired all the time. But then the doctor just diagnosed me with sleep apnea, I'm going to be fitted for a C-PAP machine on the 13th.