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March 2018



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Things are looking up

History-making vote for S.F.'s Pelosi 1st woman chosen House minority leader

"Washington -- House Democrats made history Thursday by overwhelmingly electing Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the first woman to ever lead a party in Congress, rallying behind the veteran San Francisco politician as a fresh face who can lead the party back to the majority."


"Democrats changed their look from top to bottom, electing a completely new leadership for the the first time since losing their majority in 1994. "

Hey, Democrats may actually start acting like Democrates instead of wimpy Republicans,


Xanadu ... Now We Are Here

What? Who? When? That all went over my head. I'm so void of any news, especially political information. I'm one of those people who cannot tell you who the president is! Eep! Although I can name all the shoes in the current Kenneth Cole line ... *Sound of lynch mob gathering outside my Ithaca office*

Re: Xanadu ... Now We Are Here

Well, you could click the link in my post if you were interested.

I just stumbled across in on Googles new News service.

News You Can Use

Frankly, I'm not the least bit interested in politics. Eons ago, I used to subsribe to this email news service where they would send a list of like, the top ten stories in short blurbs. You could pick the topics that interested you and click the blurb if you wanted more details. It'd be all like, "Winona Gang Raped in Jail!" I like news like that ... Short and to the point.

That really used to help me keep on top of entertainment news. I ALWAYS knew what movies were opening that week ... I'm SO out of touch now!!

Go women! :)

That's really good to hear :)

What do you mean by wimpy Republicans? *curious*

Re: Go women! :)

In the past 20 years the Democrats have been taking positions that are very close to the Republican positions, jut a little to the left, i.e. wimpy Republicans. If people wanted to support the Republican position they would vote for a real Republican. We need Democrats to offer a real alternative to the Republicans.

The article I linked to indicated they have really gone back to their Liberal core supporters.

Re: Go women! :)

I wouldn't necessarily look for that to last. First and foremost the Democrats want to win and with an aging (and therefore becoming more conservative) population they may not be able to maintain a very liberal stance. The population that's aging is the baby boomers though. We were once very liberal. Maybe we won’t go too far to the right.