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March 2018



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yin yang cats

Gardens of Adonis

I am not good with plants. I have managed to kill both an aloe and a snake plant, both plants notorious for their durability. Never-the-less I decided to try my hand at growing lentil sprouts in my kitchen.

The first time I tried, I looked up instructions and followed them precisely. And my lentils rotted without sprouting.

Then I read about the Gardens of Adonis: how Greek women would go up on their roofs and plant shallow trays of seeds, in honor of Adonis, that would quickly sprout and just as quickly die.

So, I tried my shallow trays of seeds again. But this time I thought of them as Gardens of Adonis. And they grew.

I used old plastic microwave entree trays. I just covered the bottom with lentils. then placed a folded paper towel soaked in water on top of the seeds. Every day I would check them and dampen the paper towel. It takes about five days for the lentils to sprout to the point of making them "sprouts".

I always feel a bit like Renfield crunching down on these little lives I have so carefully nurtured. Which is ironic since I don't feel that way about the bowl of lentil soup they would have otherwise been, or the roast beef I had for supper, or the eggs I had for breakfast.


I too have known the distress of killing a snake plant, so you are in good company.


... for your support :-)


That is one of my favorite sayings

And Now for a very important message from:

Well, you know there is something about seedlings which can get you thinking that way. If you pick a tomato or berries, you don't feel that way, due to the main plant still being there. I once briefly had that feeling of killing something that I grew, but I got over it.


Yeah. Seedlings, live food, things you grew yourself. Home grown sprouts are all three.
Ah, have you ever tried lentil sprouts --- tossed and mixed with chopped - boiled potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers ; then some broken up tortilla chips scattered on top ; then lemon juice and liquidy-ish yoghurt poured on top separately (and tamarind chutney poured on top too … but since you'll probably have difficulties getting that --- try any tart and sweet sauce instead) ; then salt sprinkled on top to your taste (sprinkle some chaat-masala too, if you have an Indian-store at hand) … This is called 'Chaat'.

lentil sprout recipe

I have never heard of such a thing.
That is an unusual collection of ingredients, is it your own invention or a local delicacy?

Re: lentil sprout recipe

This is a popular North and Western Indian recipe.
You can use all sorts of raw veg stuff to make 'Chaat' … even, you know, lettuce and whatever else you eat raw … any kind of salad-y stuff … Just get a Chaat-Masala packet from the Indian store if you can manage it … and you might find Tamarind-Chutney there too … have a looksie …


You can even try non-veg salad ingredients … certainly isn't going to taste bad …