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March 2018



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Exercise update

Friday I managed to do 10 minutes on the recumbent stepper (60x7 + 30x6). blaisepascal was right, those even numbers do feel good.

I decided to change my plan with the stepper. Instead of just adding more repetitions I'm going to convert the whole 10 minute to leg work. Then when I get used to that I will add minutes again to take me up to 15. Then I will start playing with the difficulty functions.

Saturday and Sunday I barely got to the gym in time to do my walk so I didn't use the stepper at all. But I was so rushed I only had an hour for my walk, and I had to really push to get it done. I did it in 55 minutes on Saturday and 52 minutes on Sunday. (it usually takes 1 hour to 1:10)

Monday I did my walk again, and did the last 2:30 of my stepper routine without a break. But that was only converting one 30 sec interval to leg work, so I didn't feel very accomplished.

Yesterday I was so late for the Aqua Aerobics class I just walked instead. But afterward I did the whole 10 minutes on the stepper on my legs without a break! That was not easy or fun but I did it.



That's actually a lot of progress. I know when Craig and I started at the gym, it was a struggle to get through 5 minutes on the recumbent bike at 25 watts, and now I'm doing 15 minutes at 75. And when I get frustrated at not making enough progress, I try to think back to the beginning and how hard it was to do so much less. Plus looking at how much the weights we're lifting has increased since the beginning helps, too.
Our gym is going to be moving to a larger facility soon, and I'm hoping they'll add more equipment. A recumbent stepper and a hip adduction/abduction machine would be nice. Unfortunately, no room for a pool. :-(
I think you're doing fantastically...
It may be painful and it may suck...
but I'm certain that if you keep at it you will gradually make the changes you want and need to make.

Go you!
Go Zahde! Go Zahde!!


(I've actually skipped 3! days this week! I don't know what is up with me.)

Re: Exercise

Bad Zahde! No steamed broccoli for you. We missed most of a week last week.