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March 2018



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Ok blaisepascal was complaining that I have been out of contact since the 12th.

On the 13th I did my full exercise routine (30 min on the recumbent stepper 36 laps in the pool) But it took me longer than usual and that is why I missed the get together at B&K's. I did however get a check in the mail and went grocery shopping.

On Friday the 14th my parents came to town and we went to the new Poncho Villa Mexican Restaurant for lunch (The food was good, but the service was slow, maybe it will get faster once they settle in.) Then my mom came to my gym for a tour and I did my whole exercise routine again. Then I skipped the new "Stargate" episodes in favor of "Monk" and "Psych". I really love "Psych".

I really haven't done much this weekend. I made Eggplant Parmesan for dinner Saturday. And Mac and Cheese with Broccoli for dinner tonight.

Tonight was new episodes of the 4400, the Dead Zone, Angela's Eyes, and the Venture Brothers.

On Tuesday Sci-Fi is going to start showing "Dead Like Me" in 2 hour blocks starting at 7pm and leading into its new show "Eureka". I'm really excited about both of them.


Ooo, Eggplant-Parmesan ! Tasty !



Very tasty, and good for me too.
But a pain to make so I don't make it often.
And don't forget Dark Angel on Mondays! The new Stargate episodes were fun, but I have to finish watching the last few episodes of SG-1 from last season that I have on tape. Also - they will tell us when the new season of Battlestar Galactica will begin during the premier of Eureka.


I remember watching Dark Angel when it first came out so I'm not that excited about it now.

I haven't been as into Stargate since the Ori plot line. How is it going?

I know a lot of people like the new Battlestar Galactica but I never got into it.

Re: Sci-Fi

I missed a bunch of episodes shortly after the second season started, so I am looking forward to catching up. The Ori thing isn't bad, but they had better hang it up after this, cause there just won't be anyone more powerful to deal with. As for Battlestar Galactica, it is perhaps the best show on TV now. Glen Larson, who is responsible for the original series is listed as a creative consultant, though why is anyone's guess. Why he doesn't kick himself in the ass everytime he sees an episode of the new series is also anyone's guess. The new series is MANY orders of magnitude better than the original.

Re: Sci-Fi

My major problem with the Ori plot arc is the basic question of what is a god? I understood the Gao'uld being false gods. And I can see the Ori being evil gods. But if the Ori are false gods then what is a real god?

I saw the pilot and the first few epsiodes of the new Battlestar Galactica so I know how different it is from the old show. I understand why they credit Glen Larson, since this show wouldn't exist if he hadn't done his show even though this show is so different. (Like the difference between Neil Gaiman's Sandman and the original super hero Sandman) I agree that the basic writing and production quality of the new version is vastly superior, but, as I said, I just never got into it.

Re: Sci-Fi

Its not too late to start. Chezelliott and I have gotten RBDarkly and the King hooked just this past month.
Did you see the promo where Monk is counting out his corn? Thats the one show on cable I was missing....and just saw Psych this weekend for the first time! Very cool!

USA Promos

I've been liking the crossover promos on USA.

I like Psych even more then Monk.

Re: USA Promos

They are really making promos fun to see...you know its bad when you're cracking up to a promo!