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March 2018



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Weight and Cable TV

My Diet Coach wants me to weigh myself every day. I don't have a scale, so I can only weigh myself on days I go to the gym. Since I am supposed to be going to the gym every day that sort of works out.

I weighed myself last Friday, yesterday, and today. Today I weigh six pounds less then I did last Friday and three pounds less than I did yesterday. I know from experience that my weight can vary as much as five pounds over the course of a day so I'm trying not to get too excited. But it is hard not to get my hopes up. Maybe this Diet Coaching is working and I will actually loose some weight?

In other news: J told me today that he is going to cancel most of the cable TV service. We are still going to get the basic broadcast stations but none of the cable ones. On the one hand I sort of want him to cancel everything so I can go back to what it was like when I lived alone. Maybe I would get more work done or have a social life. On the other hand I'm going to miss my shows: The Daily Show, Psych, Dead Like Me, Eureka, Night Stalker, Avatar, Dead Zone, House, Kathy Griffin, Monk, & Venture Bothers. (I'll still have Kyle XY, Lost, Medium, My Name Is Earl, Numb3rs, & Windfall)

I'd almost rather have a Net Flix subscription than cable service. Most of the really good series are released on DVD eventually, some with the episodes that weren't broadcast.

We will still have our internet connection (I don't think we could live without that).
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When we moved to MA we couldn't afford cable right away, so I said I'd get it "maybe after Christmas". After living without it for three or four months, I found I didn't miss it at all. I'll stick with my internet connection and an extra $50 a month. If there was ever anything I really wanted to watch I could buy it on DVD.

Just my experience.


Slight Correction

"House" is on Fox, so you'll have new episodes in the Fall.

"Kyle XY" is on ABC Family, one of the channels we'll be losing.

Re: Slight Correction

I listed House as one I'll miss because I don't usually watch it on Fox.

I didn't list Kyle XY because new episodes are broadcast on regular ABC (Fridays at 9pm) after they show on ABC Family.

Re: Slight Correction

The important thing here is that we can "find" episodes on that series of tubes fairly easily.
I'm surprised your coach has you weigh every day. I've always heard that weight fluctuates so much that you should only weigh yourself once a week.


Yeah. I had heard that too. But I can see doing it more often as a way of keeping on top of my progress.

Re: weight

Once a week is fine, since some people can be way too obsessed when they don't lose any weight and they've 'been good' all day.
The key to weighing in daily is not getting frustrated. If it feels really bad to do it, weekly weigh ins might be better. But I don't suggest less frequently than that. I have beeen weighing in almost daily, recognizing that small fluctuations are natural and I haven't found it to be a negative experience even though I have only been losing around a pound per week. The scale I use measures in increments of 2/10 of a pound. What daily weighing does for me is keeps me accountable and aware of my habits for the rest of the day (I weigh in mornings).
The scale numbers certainly sound promising. Diet and exercise together really help - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts - guess it's synergy. Great job!