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March 2018



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Favorite Cousin

My favorite cousin, Christina, came to visit me today!

We were supposed to meet on the Commons by Mercury at noon, but she didn't show up till 1:15. I spent some time at the Center Pavilion looking at the Nagasaki Day exhibit. And talking to people I knew, and some people I didn't know. I got to catch up with soulspirals and she let me use her cell phone to try and find my tardy cousin.

When Christina did show up we had lunch at Taste of Thai. We shared a Mee Grob (what I call Thai Rice Crispy treats. It's made with crisp fried noodles, tamarind sauce, and shrimp), and I had a Thai Iced Tea, a spring roll, and Kai Kua (which I had never tried before. It is broad noodles with chicken and squid).

Then we went to Medusa Tattoo to see Carol, but she wasn't in. Caesar told me to try again tomorrow.

We dropped my car off at my house and took her car to Phoenix Books. I have no money so I just browsed. She found something she actually wanted. Then we went to the Borders in the maul to use the bathrooms (Phoenix Books has no public restrooms) and browse some more, until dinner!

For dinner we went to Mi Casita. I had the empanada appetizer, the pressed pork sandwich, and mango nectar. Christina had the pulled pork with rice and beans.

We finished our evening at Felicia's Atomic Lounge, Christina wanted a drink and Felicia's is the only bar I feel really comfortable in. I had some raspberry concoction, Christina had a glass of wine and we both had a slice of "key lime pie" (I always thought that key lime pie was like lemon meringue pie but with key limes, this was more like a thin lime cheesecake with a thick graham cracker crust)

When we arrive at Felicia's Christina noticed that there was a meeting of "Drinking Liberally" going on. She had been meaning to attend the one in Cincinnati, so she was happy to be able to sit in with this group. She was a hit with them. I also had fun talking politics with like minded people.