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March 2018



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cat helmet

Sasquatch Movie Night on Sci Fi

I watched both "Sasquatch Mountain" and "Sasquatch Hunters" tonight. Both look like "made for Sci Fi" movies with the standard "made for Sci Fi" plot of a group of people who are picked off (one by one) by a monster. But, over all, "Sasquatch Mountain" was the better of the two.

"Sasquatch Mountain" The photography of this movie was different than usual. They seemed to be going for a home movie effect with unusual color balances, grainy pictures, and lots of choppy edits. The plot has some depth, the writing is OK and the acting is also reasonably good. Hey, it's got Lance Henriksen, he is good. The Sasquatch was basically the tall guy in a fur suit you see in the Sasquatch lore. But we don't get many good looks at it for most of the movie. The basic plot is that five bank robbers and one woman hostage are chased into the woods by some small town cops and two woodsmen. They run into a Sasquatch who, basically, defends himself from all these people with guns.

"Sasquatch Hunters" had an impressive soundtrack. Too bad they didn't spend any money on script, actors, or special effects. The basic plot is that four museum researchers and four park rangers go into the woods looking for the source of some unusual bones. They find a Sasquatch graveyard and the Sasquatch hunts them down for "desecrating sacred land". There is a B plot of some drunken hunters who are also in the area but that plot never hooks up to the rest of the story. It just gives the writers an excuse to show the monster ripping a guy's throat out in the opening scene. The Sasquatch alternates between being a guy in a fur suit and being bad CGI of a great ape.


I've always found SciFi Channel movies to be incredibly cheesy...I suspect they deliberately appeal to a certain audience that LIKES cheesy stuff.

Sci Fi Cheese

I heard throught he grape vine that SciFi Channel was deliberatly trying to make old style B movies. They are basically paying people to make low budget moster movies to show on their network. Not a bad idea really.

I watch most of them. Some are better than others. Like tonight, "Sasquatch Mountain" was made for Sci Fi and it was pretty good. But it looks like "Sasquatch Hunters" was a 'real' movie and it pretty cheesy.

My favorite cheesy, in a good way, made for Sci Fi movie was "Mosquito" which I thought was hilarious. But I think "Dragon Storm" still takes the prize for "Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen"
I don't have cable these days, but back when I was living in Jersey, I used to love those Saturday marathons on SciFi where it would be like ten house straight of people being eaten by various things. (Often all of the movies filmed on the exact same set in Eastern Europe!). Good stuff.


SciFi Movies

Often all of the movies filmed on the exact same set in Eastern Europe!

I have spotted the same high ceilinged cave in three different movies, although I don't know where it is.