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March 2018



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Good Soil

Trust me to make a production out of a children's mud game.

Yesterday my Mom gave me a plastic bucket and a sieve to help me with my Dorodango Project. And when phoenixmedusa came down for a visit she helped me dig up some dirt. We found a nice pile of clean fill, so that was easier than it had any right to be.

But now I understand why they say you need 2-3 days of clear weather. The dirt looked dry but is really rather damp. In some ways that makes it difficult to sift (the damp dirt clogs the sieve), but in other ways it is easier (there isn't any dust flying around).

So far I have sifted 1 quart, I have 3 quarts to go. See what I mean about making a children's game more complicated than it needs to be? The Japanese kids just play with the mud they have, they don't sift it. On the other hand I don't know if they have to deal with the same level of rockiness we have here.

My sifted dirt is really quality stuff. It clumps nicely and transfers water well. phoenixmedusa got the dryest dirt she could find but when it sat overnight in a bag the water redistributed evenly through all the dirt. Just what I need for a Dorodango!

I would have liked to have left the dirt to dry in a shallow bucket overnight. But leaving out trays of dirt in house full of cats is not a good idea. :-(


But leaving out trays of dirt in house full of cats is not a good idea. :-(

Hee hee! No, it wouldn't.
*sigh* Making mudpies at your age....
Yeah...it was kind of fun diggin in the dirt too... I was thinking any minute now the security guys are going to come along and ask us what we are up to and I was going to say "getting some dirt to make mud pies"
It was fun seeing you!!
I had so much fun Zahde...I wish I would have had more energy though. I have been feeling so lathargic lately... bleck
But the company...the food...the cats....the new show I love
Thank you so much for having me over and I hope we can do it again soon.

Good Visit

I enjoyed your company. The lizard still smells like patchouli :-)
leaving out trays of dirt in house full of cats is not a good idea

*giggle* How right you are ! Hee !