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March 2018



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yin yang cats

First day of work in a while

It was tiring but nice to be working.
Some of the tasks were a bit boring so I'm glad I will be taking Provigil tomorrow. I like the name "pro-vigil" (get it?).


Let me know how Provigil works out for you.

Provigil effects

So far it's working pretty good. I'm awake but not twichy.

The only side effects I've gotten are dark and pungent urine.

Re: Provigil effects

Does it help with waking up in the morning? That's when I'm still generally friggin' unconscious. Sigh.

Is that a known side effect or are your kidneys stressed?

Re: Provigil effects

It is supposed to kick in in the first 20 minutes.
My problem is falling asleep in the middle of the day, I am generally OK for the first couple of hours, so I can't help you there.

The urine side effect is just color and smell (known) I don't believe it stresses the kidneys.

The other effect I noticed is that it seems to work for 16 hrs for me. It is supposed to work for 8. But I just started, and my first two days were not usual, even for me.
What is it?


See, that is why I put in a link and a comment about the name.
Pro (for) vigil (from the Latin vigilia, 'wakefulness')
It's a medication to keep me awake.

Re: Provigil

D'oh! I didn't notice the link. I suppose it is preferable to being tickled though.

Re: Provigil

Only because being tickled interferes with work.

I think that singing work songs would be effective and pleasant. But unfortunatuatly not much more acceptable than being tickled. And I don't think I could get anyone else to join in.