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March 2018



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Safely Home, Now To Gloat Over the Hoard

Sister Fran sent wild harvested, homemade, Huckleberry jam and chocolate covered candies. As well as a sheaf of wheat. *shrug* (She lives in a wheat field. It's pretty.)

Sister Gina and her husband Dave gave me Silver Needle tea and a Salt Died Silk Scarf from China.

The country of Germany gave me a laser cut wooden ornament in the image of a bird house. (I'm not kidding. The tag says "To: Eva, From: Germany". But I suspect it was my parents. It's my mom's handwriting.) Mom and Dad also gave me a nice new shirt, Amphigorey Again by Edward Gorey, and The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. Both books from my Wish List. :-D (I was about to use the gift certificate Sister Gaby gave me to buy "Amphigorey Again" myself.)

We had wonderful steamed muscles and homemade bread for dinner Sunday night. And Waffles for breakfast Monday morning (I have been craving waffles So I was very happy about that). Then roast leg of lamb for dinner Monday night. I was too tired to drive home after dinner. The new shirt came in handy when I ended up spending an extra night down there. I had left over lamb for breakfast this morning and came home. Where I finally got some sleep. I will take my BiPAP machine with me next weekend when I go down for New Years.
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XD I've never received anything from a country, lol.

Your holiday sounded wonderful.

The Gifts sound like they were well thought.

and lamb...

We had lamb too. We went to the NEtherland Buffet and they have lamb.

I love Edward GOrey..

Hubby got me "The Audacity of Hope" for Christmas. I'm on page 158 of Barack Obama's book so far. Interesting read. I'd like to hear your take on it once you have done some reading.