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March 2018



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reject reality

Do An "Event Sheet" On That

In Dialectical Behavior Therapy there are four basic skill areas they work on: Core Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance, and Interpersonal Effectiveness.

The first work sheet in the Emotion Regulation section is the Prompting Event Sheet. I have found this most useful.

Prompting Event Work Sheet

1. What happened (the facts of the event Who, What, When, Where?)

2. My feelings (just emotions, not beliefs, this takes a little training, many "things" we describe as "feelings" are actually unconscious "beliefs") So far I go with the theory that there are ten basic emotions: Attraction (desire) and Repulsion; Love and Loneliness; Joy (happiness) and Sorrow (sadness); Trust and Fear; Numbness and Anger.

3. My beliefs about myself that are brought out by this event. Why is this event bad? What do I think will happen, or what do I think it means? (Internal critical statement) "This means I am..."

4. Body Response to Emotions (what is my body doing when I feel this way) What am I feeling in my body? what is my facial expression, posture, gestures?

5. Action Urges
What did I want to do because of this emotion?
What did I actually do?

6. What is the function of this emotion (Why does this emotion want me to do that?)

7. Challenge to the belief. (Refute the internal critical statement.) (This would not be a Prompting Event if it were not a problem. The problem is usually an inaccurate belief. The theory is that if one can change the underlying belief the inappropriate emotions will fade away.)


*lol*- I'm SO ridiculously close to understanding what I want to do & why- what *I* need, I think, is to analyze what I can do *differently.... how to stop myself in my travks & to learn to think before I leap *lol*