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March 2018



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Share the Linky Goodness (mostly weird art)

Chad Vader "Life is hard for Chad Vader, the younger, less charismatic brother of Darth Vader, who is the day shift manager of a grocery store."
The Chad Vader Official Fun Page
blamesocietyfilms on YouTube

Kate Kretz "Artist website including human hair embroidery, Psychological Clothing, and obsessive night drawings and paintings influenced by Technicolor films", "Kate's newest large scale painting, "Blessed Art Thou", featuring Angelina Jolie as the Virgin Mary" (via joculum)

Jacek Yerka Surreal artist

Check out LimeGreenSquid on deviantART I particularly like his lastest Four Seasons

Starr Gideon Kempf (August 13, 1917, Ohio – 1995, Colorado Springs, Colorado) was a sculptor, architect, and artist best known for his graceful steel wind kinetic sculptures.
The Starr Kempf House
The Wind Sculptures of Starr Kempf

Memory is a funny thing. I remember that I saw those giant kinetic sculptures when we took the back route out of the "Garden of the Gods" But the Kempf home is at 2057 Pine Grove Ave just outside of "North Cheyenne Canyon Park", not "Garden of the Gods". I don't remember going to any park but "Garden of the Gods".

The Forevertron the world's largest sculpture made of recycled scrap metal
The Forevertron at Roadside America
Dr Evermor's Forevertron: Evermor Sculpture Park

The nearby House on the Rock
House on the Rock at Roadside America

I want these: Quik-Brites are LED lights that can light up almost any dark space. They go on automatically when you open a door or drawer. And don't forget the The Magic Bullet
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Thank you so much for the Starr Kempf links! We stumbled on this when we lived in Denver. Like you, we had been to the Garden of the Gods and were just driving around, vaguely headed back toward Colorado Springs. We were probably lost, as we often were, since this is in a residential area. We turned a corner and there were these marvelous, enormous things. They would awe you if you paid to see them. To come upon them totally out of nowhere felt like we had slipped unaware into a parallel universe. Garden of the Gods is other-worldly too. It was wonderful to see the work of the wind in the Garden and the wind at work in the sculpture of Mr. Kempf.

I've looked off and on for years for pictures but I couldn't remember his name and had no luck. Thank you again.

The Wonders of Google

You are very welcome.

I never knew the artist's name. I just Googled "Kinetic metal sculpture Colorado Springs". (Well actually I started "Garden of the Gods" instead of "Colorado Springs" but I got there eventually. There are a surprizing number of kinetic metal sculpture artists in Colorado Springs. So I did searches on their individual names until I found the right one. I think he was only the second or third one I looked at.)

Something that fantastic (in the literal sense) had to be on the internet.