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March 2018



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Crochet Update

I managed about a 3x5 rectangle of crochet with heavey Jute twine, before I snapped the plastic crochet hook that came with the kit. I will try to pick up a metal hook to replace it.

I think I was pulling the stiches too tight. I was using the jute twine because the wool yarn that came with the kit broke when I pulled too hard.

But at least I'm learning how to crochet.


does it require two hands?
I suspect there are ways to manage with one hand and a half. My grandmother crocheted through bad arthritis (after she could no longer knit, which really does require two hands) without too much struggle. Google crochet for one hand and see what you get.
I highly recommend the hooks where the hook is inline with the rest of the shaft. Kind of like some just took a wedge out near the tip. They tend to be of a matte finish, and I believe they are made by Susan Bates (my bag o' hooks has temporarily gone AWOL on me). They are much easier to work with than the ones with the hook that sticks out (and are shiny and made by Boyle).

And yeah, it does sound like you are crocheting too tightly. A good indicator is when you feel yourself tensing instead of relaxing. I still have trouble with my stitch height because of that. :)
Crochet is never about the tight. Well, unless you are crocheting faux-lace (which I have done, but I suspect that even with my reading glasses I could have trouble doing it right, now).

practice squares

Michael's craft store is a participant in a blanket-making project. You drop off squares of knit or crochet work of a specific dimension, and they sew them together. The blankets are donated to homeless shelters, etc. It's an excellent way to practice a new skill or to use up scraps of yarn. I think the size they uant is seven by nine inches, but I'm not certain. Once I finish some committed projects, I will be making up some squares to use up the leftovers.

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