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March 2018



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Aaaack! (pink girly stuff)

LJ has gone all shades of pink and covered with hearts!

Not my style at all. I once had a girlfriend who bought me a dozen roses. I really don't 'get' roses. I prefer a gift certificate for books, a nice dinner at a restaurant, or a box of fancy chocolates. Mmmmmmmmmm Chocolate.

When I was in highschool my friend Kevin gave me a little silver and turquoise unicorn on a fine silver chain for a birthday (I think?). I had a mild interest in unicorns. But I have never been a dainty a person or worn much jewelry. When I looked at that delicate chain and that little unicorn I thought - He must have said to himself "She's a girls, girls like this sort of thing."


Ugh :(

Yeah I noticed and don't like it.
See, I like roses, but I prefer them in addition to the dinner or book certificate. The only problem with flowers is finding a place high enough that my plant-eating cat won't get to 'em. :-)
I'd just be happy to have a gift.


Learning to receive gifts graciously is an important skill. That is true.

In my experience many relationships suffer from scripting difficulties. That is people act out patterns from scripts they have learned, either from past relationships or sometimes from books or movies. That may work if everyone has the same script, but in our every changing society that isn't always the case.

Giving your sweetheart flowers because you know they like them is nice. Giving them flowers because that is what is one is supposed to do in that situation, may or may not work.

A gift should say "I see you" not "It's that again"
Just to show what a girly man I am, when I noticed the pink hearts at the top of one screen, my first thought was, "but that shade doesn't go with the red-purples of my theme." Then, when I got back to my friends list, and saw that the bar turned black again there, I sighed with relief.

If you're speaking of my Kevin, *smirk*, he probably thought "She likes unicorns and this is pretty, ergo, she'll like this."

Then again, that was decades ago and I keep forgetting he wasn't as mature as he is now. So it might have been that simple.

I'll have to ask him.

dainty unicorns

I didn't really have a lot of friends named Kevin in high school.

Now that I'm in therapy I can see that it was probably my own inner critic saying that dainty unicorn was not for me. I always wanted to be a willowy fairy princess, but I have aways been a bit too heavy to pull it off.

Re: dainty unicorns

Hee! I always wanted to be a genie, but I never had the curves to do justice to the clothes. Genies had awesome clothes. Silk and gauze and OMG the jewelry!

*still wishes she had pointed ears*