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March 2018



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Housing Woes

I am very sad.

I haven't found a new roommate yet. If I don't find one soon I will have to move. I don't want to move.

I have been in Denial (and still am to some extent). But today I had to schedual the pre-move inspection which involved admitting to the landlord that I still didn't have a new roommate. Although they really don't care. If June 28th comes and I say "I found a new roommate, I want to stay" they would be happy to whip out a lease for me.

But I'm moving on to Depression and Acceptance.

I don't want to go, but it looks like I'm going to have to.



I hate moving.

I'm trying to visualize a great roommate for you.


thank you
hmmm. I wonder if this is what your tarot reading from a year ago meant... remember? seperation & change....
isn't it weird how accurate they can be?
You can do it.... really....
What kinds of things are you doing to get a roommate?

If you do end up moving ...do you have any plans about that?

What is your deadline?

Yeah lots of questions but I would like to help you with some good energy and would like to know the specifics of what it going on.

Lots of questions

I put an add on Craigslist

I'm looking in the papers and I have an Adult Protective Services case worker (although I haven't heard from her in a while).

We have to be out by June 28, unless I renew the lease.

BTW: I made a new friend on Library Thing
Paola Suarez-Papp
She is also on LJ ari_vinodeluna and she is going to be at Womongathering.

I told her to say "Hi" to you if she saw you.

I might also suggest placing an ad in the college housing services - for grad students, some may be coming in the summer, either for advance course work or to get acclimated. You can specify GLBT friendly, as well as pagan friendly, and that might make a big difference to someone.

Good luck.


That's a good idea.

Although I have to be careful, Craigslist warned against: Stating a discriminatory preference in a housing post is illegal, is prohibited on craigslist, and can be expensive:
* you can be fined more than $10,000 for each discriminatory ad, plus damages in court, plus loss of license if you are a professional
* avoid phrases which could be interpreted as discriminating by race/color/origin (e.g. "hispanic area" or "asian building"), religion (e.g. "christian household"), age / familial status (e.g. "no kids" or "prefer student"), disability, or sexual orientation
* the words you choose can cost you - get the facts and avoid being prosecuted under fair housing law

But I think I can argue that "GLBT and Pagan friendly" is a non-discriminatory statement.

Re: Housing

FWIW, I've posted on Craigslist looking for roommates several times. (I share a four-bedroom apartment, so we've had people move over the seven years I've been here.) I've ALWAYS put LGBT-friendly in the ad -- on the headline that shows first on Craigslist, and in the body of the ad. I've usually phrased it something like this: "1BR in LGBT-friendly $BR." Never had any problem from Craigslist or anyone else about it. I have had people ask what that means, and I explain. I've also had people of all different orientations say that our being LGBT-friendly is a plus.

Re: Housing

Stating your qualifications is not placing a restriction on housemates. We have a list up here which is strongly GLBT oriented, and they are clear (and strict) about the regs.

Good luck!

Re: Housing

I got three hits already.
And one is a Fairy! I really like him already.

Re: Housing

The first interview went well.

It turns out he is a Feri, not a Fairy.
But he wants to move in so it's all cool.