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September 2018



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This housemate thing is tough.

The prosepct who looked so good last night backed out this morning because of allergies.
But not before I emailed the musician with the dog telling him to look elsewhere.
Now I'm waiting for an IC photography prof to get back to me.

I may yet end up living with a dane/mastiff mix (if his owner's still interested) (if I'm lucky enough to get anyone)


Yes finding a housemate it truly not a easy thing to do. Is there any chance of you getting some kind of help with rent? I know there are some programs but not sure what is available.
I'm already getting the maximum government help with the rent.

If I can't find someone this week I have to move into a cheaper place.

I don't want to move.
I can understand why you dont want to move.
I hope you find someone that is a good fit this week.
I will say though that it would be better to have possibly a cheaper place that you can have alone rather than settling for a roommate that would make you miserable. Living with a giant dog might not be such a good idea for Kip or you.
If you have to move I will come to Ithaca and help you move.
I think Kip would actually be more OK with the giant dog than I would be. He likes dogs. And this dog has lived with cats before.

The problem with a smaller place is where would I put all the books?

The photography Prof looks cool.


well...I lived in a one room place once...and it was literally wall to wall bookcases. I LOVED IT. It was like living in a library. Depending on how the place is layed out you might even have more room for books...you dont use the spare bedroom for books so if you had a one bedroom you should still be able to fit them all. I think you need to have some really good bookcases built someday..heavy duty ones before we come to your house one day and find you buried under a mound of books from a bookslide. I have got to get more bookcases myself...right now I have books piled around my desk and I am out of bookcase room.

The photography Prof does look cool. I love her work.

That is cool that the dog has lived with cats. I myself could not live with a big dog... slobber, stink...yuck...just my own thing.
How old is the dog? If it's past puppyhood, you might actually like living with it. Both those breeds are really sweet dogs that mostly like to lie around. Neither breed sheds a lot, which is good and they are usually quite well behaved. I wouldn't rule it out. Good luck. I think about you quite a bit.
All I can say is Best of luck finding the housemate. Dane-Mastiff mix are usually quite sweet, and then of course, it'll be protective to it's house people, too.