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March 2018



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Non News

Popular Mechanics of all places has a cover story on "The Real Face of Jesus" "Advances in forensic science reveal the most famous face in history."

If you read the story you will find that it is not Jesus's face at all it is just the face of an average man of Jesus's age, race, and occupation at that time and place. There is no mention of Jesus being unusual looking so it is probably right in a general sort of way. But that doesn't tell us anything new. Anyone with any sense has known for years that Jesus would have been a short dark Jewish man. So making a picture of an average short dark Jewish man really hasn't moved us along at all.


The real face?

You mean all those pictures of him as a tall, blue-eyed blond are wrong?!! Don't be absurd! Next you'll be telling me He spoke some foreign language when we all know He spoke King James English.

Re: The real face?



Ok I do understand what you mean and agree with you.

But the more literal part of my mind wants to point out that 100% of people are totally clueless about things outside their own realm of experience. The only things any of us know are our own experiences. Some of us have wider realms of experience than others. Including such things as converstions or reading about people who have had experiences we have not had directly.

The closest I have ever come to India was an Indian student who spent several nights making a leather mask in my Tandy store. We took turns telling each other stories. I would tell her a Greek myth and she would tell me a story about her family life.

Re: Technicality

You are right.
I agree with you.

The Eastern face of Jesus

Coincidentlly, I just finished watching a program on Discovery Civilization that posited the theory that the classical image of the Omnipotent Jesus in old Orthodox churches and temples were directly based on a particular sculpture that had been brought to Byzantium by the early Christians from Greece -- the statue of Zeus at Olympia, one of the seven wonders of the world.

"Bring me Jerry Falwall!"

I prefer the Robin Williams version:

(quoting from memory)

Yes, Jesus is coming back, but he won't look like Ted Nugent this time, uh-uh, baby! He'll be eight foot tall, black, and pissed!