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March 2018



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cheeze burger

Gnocchi, Vichyssoise, Chicken Paprikash

When did this journal become all about cooking?

An Italian friend sent me his mother's recipe for Gnocchi
Gnocco Fritto Normale Ricetta

500 gr di farina
oglio extra vergine oliva 2-3 cuchiai
2 cuchiai aceto
sale quanto basta
impastare con un po di acqua gasata appena aperta 1
e lievito di birra

queste dosi sono per circa 2-3 persone le dosi sono a
occhio perche mia madre non sa le dosi reali le le fa
a occhio......
impastare il tutto e titare la sfoglia tagliare i
pezzi in rombi e friggere in oglio da frigere molto
caldo messo in precedenza in una padella da friggere
con bordi alti ..........

Gnocchi fried normal Recipe

500 gr of flour
2-3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons vinegar
Salt, a sufficient quantity
less than 1 cup water (enough to make a paste)
And a little bit of beer

This makes enough for roughly 2-3 people (my mother does not remember the the real numbers, so this is a rough estimate)

Make a paste
cut it into small pieces
fry it in hot oil in a frying pan with high sides

Vichyssoise (Leek and Potato Soup)

1 bunch leeks
1 onion
9 potatoes
2 Tbls olive oil
water to cover
salt, pepper

Slice the leeks length ways and rinse out the sand. Then slice across the grain into thin strips. Saute in the olive oil in a large soup pot.

Dice the onion and add to the leeks.

Peal and dice the potatoes and add to the pot. Add enough water to cover and simmer.

Add salt, pepper, and ground mace to taste.

Simmer until the potatoes disintegrate, or get soft enough for you to mash with a potato masher or stick blender.

Serve hot or cold.

Chicken Paprikash

4 chicken quarters
2 onions, diced
1 pkg chicken hearts and gizzards
salt, pepper, paprika

simmer, covered, in a large stew pot until the chicken falls apart. serve with noodles.
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