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March 2018



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Mid-Western Food Fetish

My new housemate grew up in Dayton, OH. This means I get to indulge in my fetish for Mid-Western Food.

We had fried bologna sandwiches for dinner last night, and made 'Nanna Pudding this morning.

I'm teaching him how to cook. We made Split Pea Soup this morning. I had to teach him the proper way to cut onions and celery. I am also teaching him how to put more veggies in his diet. His recipe for Pea Soup only had peas, ham, and water. My recipe has: peas, kielbasa (or ham), onions, celery, carrots, and tomatoes.


At least I have the memories

I used to love me some fried bologna sandwiches. The bologna had to be thick cut, Jesse James brand was best. It had to be fried in a little grease until the middle was brown. You cut a slit in it so it would lay flat in the pan which caused it to spread out. You had to have at least two pieces offset to fit on the bread. Four pieces were even better but six was over the top. The bread was white bread, as tasteless as possible without much texture. It was just there to keep your fingers from getting too greasy. And of course, you ate it hot. Some people put mustard but I was a purist.

Alas, (or maybe thank god for the sake of my arteries) either the bologna has changed or I have changed. I no longer find this tasty.

Re: At least I have the memories

Yep, exactly right. Unfortunately I don't have white bread in the house. This is one of those food that I can only have on special occasions. I think it is a bit too greasy for me most of the time.

I didn't grow up with this food. My parents only feed us healthy home made food, (well except for the sweet and sour spam).
hate to break it to you- but fried bologna is what I grew up on.... I'm from NY, have always lived in New york state... so did my dad (except for that year in florida when he was a teenager....)
Not tomatos.....no.....!!