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March 2018



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lunar clock

Full Moon

Alex experienced his first Wiccan Ritual this evening. I led the ritual just for the two of us.

I had made a loaf of bread for the "cakes" but didn't have any juice for the "wine". So, I seeded a couple of tangerines and put them in the bender. A bit thick but tasty.

I did have alcohol on hand but Alex doesn't like when I drink. He has a history of being around people behaving badly under the influence. I know he doesn't have a problem, we had orange juice and vodka for New Years Eve with no ill effects. But whenever I want to have a drink he gets nervous.


Glad that all when well for the both of you.


Thank you
Are you bringing Alex to Imbolc? If the weather isn't bad I will probably be there. Can't wait to see you again! :)


Yes, I plan on bringing Alex to Imbolc. That is one of the reasons I wanted him to experience a ritual before we go.

Bu tells me you might be caravaning with us on the way down on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing you again too!
that is so cool your Alex participates in your rituals. I love your icon by the way! do you have a bigger version of it?

Lunar Clock


I drew that myself years ago.
The original is hanging in my dad's music room.
But I was able to find a bigger scan of it and post it on my Deviant Art account. Lunar Clock

Re: Lunar Clock

way cool! :D
The damage from alcoholism just gets passed on, doesn't it?
Some trads use special herb teas for "ale--" I have misplaced the name of the guy who wrote an herb book or two and talks about that... Paul Beyerl, maybe?

Herb books

Paul Beyerl sounds like a good guess. I have his "Master Book of Herbalism".

For some reason tea, or any kind of tisane or infusion, just doesn't feel right to me for ritual.

Re: Herb books

For public rituals, I often use sparkling juice... at least it's a "special" drink.

Re: Herb books

I had a reputation for a while of always choosing juice bottles that looked like wine. (Like those sparkling grape juices.) I had to show people the label to convince them it wasn't really alcohol.

Re: Herb books

I once accidentally brought some hard cider from France, that I had been given as a gift, to a ritual... it looked just like the sparkling "soft" cider I usually kept on hand...