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March 2018



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Yet Another Busy Day

I got up at a reasonable hour and made myself an omelet for breakfast, then put away the clean dishes and washed the dirty ones.

I spent the morning answering email and LJ comments. There were certain things I had been thinking about over night and wanted to get done. And I did some sewing! I had reclaimed a pillow that I thought was flattened beyond use and I finally sewed it closed this morning. I am developing quite the pillow collection.

I microwaved a yam for lunch. A woman at the gym made a big deal about the difference between yams and sweet potatoes, so I bought some sweet potatoes at Wegmans. I prefer yams, they are softer and more flavorful. But I haven't tried baking the sweet potatoes yet, maybe they are better that way.

After lunch I had a whole list of errands: Bank, pay NYSEG bill, pay water bill, downtown Citco application for Alex, Alex's bank, replace my Food Stamps card, East Hill Plaza Citgo application for Alex, Post Office for stamps and job applications for Alex, Tops for veggies, then home.

I think I held up rather well. Alex on the other hand has been in a bad mood all day. He is one of those people who HATES V-Day. I would like to have a romantic V-Day some day. But obviously today was not the day 8-|

When we got home I made salad and homemade pizza for dinner (Alex complained because I put mushrooms on it). Then I put away the morning dishes and washed the dinner dishes. Alex went to bed early (although he did bag up the clothes for the laundry before doing so). I got to use my computer to get some writing done. But it is almost 10pm and I need to get some sleep.


Given the major differences between yams (an African tuber that can grow to over 60 pounds, and rarely less than 6) and sweet potatoes (the root of a tropical American vine that's related to the morning glory) it is highly unlikely that Wegmans carries true yams. You've probably got two different cultivars of sweet potatoes. No biggie, so you like one non-potato starchy root vegetable over the other. Eat which you prefer.