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March 2018



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Sex in Japan

Some interesting articles about sex in Japan.

Flirting and Sex in Japan

No sex, thank you ... we're Japanese by Justin McCurry in Tokyo, The Observer, Sunday March 30 2008


And this is from the country that came up with the "love hotel." How sad.
Love hotels are for the adult children who haven't lost the spark.

And teenagers.

And college students.

And dating couples.

And those having affairs.

That second article fits my parents to a T. *shrug*
Still, it's too darn bad that there isn't a commitment to keeping that physical spark, although I can understand how exhaustion can take its toll. :/
Salarymen work very, very hard.

With my parents, it was a case of "just don't give a damn" + third shift work. They didn't share a bed, so what was the point? I blame my mom for this, btw. ^_^
I'm not allowed to view the top one?? WTF??
I couldn't either.

I thought it was my workstation.
It is appears to be friends locked now. It was a personal account about one woman's sexual experiences in Japan and what she learned talking to her Japanese friends there. Apparently she was surprised so many people were linking to it.

Some of the key points I remember were that when her boy friend asked her if she wanted to take a shower that meant he wanted to have sex, because having sex without showering first is disgusting. And the male=active female=passive rule is really strict. Her boyfriend told her he felt gay having sex with her because she was so active. When she was active the only response the men could think of was to become passive (she was acting like a man so they had to act like women).
Hmm. Very interesting. The showering I get, the Japanese are _very_ clean-minded.

I also get the passiveness, which amuses me in many ways, considering how many aggressive females there are in anime and live-action television, my favorite examples being Chidori from Full Metal Panic and the "Shopping Princess" from Shopping Hero. (as I have no idea how to spell the Japanese name correctly)

These females often come across as downright scary, yet there are men attracted to them and eagerly seek their favor. Ok, Shopping Hero was an adorable nerd and Sousoke was a soldier doing his job, but still!