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March 2018



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speak up

The Audacity of Government

I was listening to "This American Life" yesterday (The Audacity of Government). Bush is violating treaties with Canada! and immigration is using the war on terror to deport widows.

The Republicans have jailed! a telecom executive for refusing to break the law and a Democratic Governor for objecting to a stolen election.

What is going to take for people to start getting upset about this?


I heard about that govenor on Dan Abrams show on MSNBC. He took partial credit for said govenor's release papers being signed.

I don't know if he's actually BEEN released, though.

Yes, this administration has broken more laws then Regan and Congress has done NOTHING. It will be interesting to see what "Legacy" is finally passed down.

Shall we join my friend dr_holiday_3000 in social revolution?
remeinds me of the scene in star wars, that democracy will die in thunderous applause

Mace Windu or God

Mace Windu for Chancellor

If you don't already read toddalcott I highly recommend him.

He is a screen writer. Usually he writes very good movie dissections. He hasn't been posting much in the past couple of weeks because he is working. But you can look in his archive.

Re: Mace Windu or God

being upset is one thing... but nothing will happen unless the people in *power* care about this...

Re: Mace Windu or God

The people in power won't *DO* anything until the public rises up and demands change.

They thought they had with the 06 elections. What they got was a Democratic Congress barely able to say "boo!" to a goose.

I've got the feeling Congress has washed their hands of the whole thing and are patiently waiting for a new President. But if the Dems aren't careful, we'll end up with McCain. *shudder*

Re: Mace Windu or God

I'll check it out
I am listening to it at work right now. I am thinking that same thing...what is it going to take?????
I've been upset my whole life. I'm upset for instance about our undeclared war in Colombia. I'm upset that we routinely overthrow sovereign governments, for instance recently aiding Ethiopia to destabilize Mogadishu. I'm still upset about Aristide. I'm most upset that the citizens of the US have had access to full information on the internet for years now and they still believe whatever they're told; that seems somehow fundamental to the problem.