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March 2018



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Well, That was easy.

I'm surprisingly coherent.

The Surgery was at 10ish. They decided to knock me out completely, for which I am grateful. I woke up around noon, had a tuna sandwich and some tomato soup, and they let me go at 1:30. The worst part was Alex's crazy driving on the way home ;-). Well, OK I didn't like being stuck with needles, and I feel like someone kicked me in the stomach. But I had a nice lie down when I got home, and I'm going to go lie down again when I finish posting this.

As a pleasant surprise kinnerc decided to spend his Birthday with us and was with Alex when I got out. They are out picking up groceries for dinner now.

Ta Ta for now.


Glad to hear you're home safe.

You are remarkably coherent and I am duly impressed. I was useless for about six hours after my oral surgery two years ago. I barely remembered the drive home. Then again, I was sent home right after I woke up, so. *shrug*

Relax and enjoy your Vicoden. Put Alex to good use and make him wait on you hand and foot. ^_^

I'm not sure about visits to you this weekend, you'll probably be too spacey. But I will see you sometime after the 11th and we'll have tea.
Glad to hear things went well!
Thank You
sorry no saturday visit for me- I have to work saturday 1 till 3 & sunday 1-5....I imagine since I didn't get a reply you weren't interested anyway- hope you have a good weekend
:) hoe you have a great dinner- want visitors on saturday?
I promise we'll behave (or I'll behave ;) )
I'm so glad things went well and I hope you have a speedy recovery :-)
Thank You

It's nice to hear from you again