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March 2018



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Today is the First Day of the Rest of My Life

The past four months were. . . interesting, with Alex here. And the past two weeks were very busy with my surgery, Alex leaving, and my birthday.

Today I feel a great weight is lifted. Today is the first day in a while where I don't have any obligations or duties looming over me.


wouldn't it be awesome if we could approach each day that way? :)
I'll give you a call around 7 about Drinking Liberally. Skitten might want me to go to a jam.
*whines* I want to go to Drinking Liberally! If it's what I think it is, I'll be a blast!
I'm sure you would be a blast. How well can you hold your drink?
I's a lightweight! *beams* Took about, oh, two, three fingers of rum to get me totally plastered.

On the other hand, I'm absolutely hilarious and I only get sick if I eat something sweet while I'm drinking. *nodnodnod*

Of course, if it's THIS weekend, I am promised to an early B-mets game for the kiddo. And I need transport help. Wolf will probably not drive me to Ithaca just to get drunk and pass out on Zahde's couch.
Then Drinking Liberally probably isn't what you think/hope it is. Drinking Liberally is a weekly gathering of liberal folks at a bar to grouse about politics and socialize. The Ithaca version meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:30.

I'm not sure how much alcohol Eva and I will be consuming.

Drinking Liberally

Drinking Liberally Promoting democracy one pint at a time.

There is a group in Rochester and one in Ithaca but none in Binghamton. Maybe you could start one :-)

Re: Drinking Liberally


I'm not liberal enough to start one. I'm pretty much two steps left of center, with occasional toe-dipping into the right.

All that being said, it still sounds like fun. I've never been the token conservative before. ^_^

Re: Drinking Liberally

Now I'm curious. What did you think it was?

Re: Drinking Liberally

You and Bu getting together for an evening of drinks, to toast a new start, purge any remaining negativity, and just hang out and have fun together, perhaps with some other people who could also use/need such an evening.

Politics never crossed my mind, nor did the possibility of it being somewhere other then your apartment.

Yes, I thought he meant you two were going to get drunk together. I'm such a child sometimes. *sigh*

Re: Drinking Liberally

To be honest neither Buddha nor I are the sort of people who consider getting a drunk a pleasant way to spend the evening.

Arguing with strangers about politics on the other hand is right up our ally.

Re: Drinking Liberally

After that first time I told you about last weekend, I've only done it once since, and that was to entertain a 13 year old nephew by showing him it's really, really not a good idea.

That and I'm a lousy judge of how much rum really needs to go into a rum-n-coke. *shrug*

You had mentioned Alex didn't like it when you had a drink, so my mind went "Drinking Liberally, they're toasting his absence, I want in on that!"

Yeah, Queenie needs some stress relief and making a complete fool of herself in front of loving friends sounded like fun.

I keep forgetting how political you two are. o_O
Having a partner in our lives is as much work as it is a comfort, both sides have thier positives, glad to see that you're finding the positive every where you can.
Yay for good days!
Im glad to hear that things are getting better.
Yay for feeling better!