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March 2018



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Very Social Weekend.

Friday I went over to B&K's and watched the first 6 episodes of "Weeds". It was as good as I had heard. I hope to see the rest of it soon.

Today, Saturday, I drove down to Vestal to have lunch with Barb, Queenie, Wolf, and my Goddess children. We went to "The Whole in the Wall". It was very nice, I haven't been there in years. Afterward we hung out in the park and played on the playground. Then we went out for ice cream.

I probably should have come home then, but we had started watching "Transformers" and I had never seen it. So I stayed. It was a fun movie. A bit violent for something aimed at kids, I think. But I had fun. I didn't leave till 10pm.

I had hoped to pick up some KFC in Owego on my way home, but I didn't get there till 11pm and they were closed. Probably just as well I didn't spend the money. I really can't afford it.


Sounds like a lovely evening!
I was fighting with my fucked-up email and then gardening until dark, then I watched Sweeney Todd with Sammy cuddled under my chin.

Will you be going to Spring Thing?
Did you find out what happened with your yahoo account?
I won't be going to Spring Thing.
I thought it was funny when we finished watching what you two had watched while I was at the jam *pbbbt*
we'll let you know when the next dvd comes so one of us can rewatch it again *lol*
I saw the promo for transformers so I decided I probably wasn't interested....

Just as well about kfc cause most of it's food has doubtful nutritional value ;)
Everyone needs a little KFC :-)

Everyone needs a little KFC

Yeah, but the nearest one is 18 miles away in Cortland. The one in Owego is even farther away. But I drive right past it on my way to Vestal.

At least it is BBQ season again. Some weekend I really need to stop at one of the BBQ stands.

Re: Everyone needs a little KFC

Trust me I feel your pain.
The very week I moved here the Ithaca KFC shut down so I haven't had any since 2005.
But at least a Dunkin Donuts opened in its place.
Now don't get me started on the lack of a White Castle in this burg.