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March 2018



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Pan's Labyrinth

I saw Pan's Labyrinth with B&K. K was very irritated with me because I had read all about it on Wikipedia before I watched it. I don't know why she was upset it wasn't like I was spoiling it for her she had already seen it twice.

It was a beautiful movie but I did not like it as much as everyone else seems to have.

Although the effects were gorgeous the plot was a bit predictable. The bad people were bad the good people were good. It was a bit of a horror story because good people died and that is the difference between horror and fantasy. But I don't really see it as being very deep or thought provoking. Just Mytho-poetic and pretty.

A couple of times during the movie K asked if the fairies were real of a delusion of the girl Ofelia. And both time I said it was ambiguous. It is possible to read the movie either way. The fairies might be delusions of a scared little girl. Or it might be the reality of the world the movie takes place in.

But the more I thought about it, it doesn't matter if the fairy story is real. The movie ends with Mercedes crying over the dead body of Ofelia. In the end we are left with Mercedes in a world where psychotic bastards are in power and can go around torturing people and killing little girls. And, really, that is the world we live in. Ofelia may have escaped into fairy land (or death) but either way we are stuck here in the land of war and horror with Mercedes.

I never really identified with Ofelia, I felt much more for Mercedes. Mercedes was a conflicted character, taking risks and worrying if she was doing the right thing. Ofelia wouldn't even take responsibility for getting the two little fairies killed, she insisted it was an "accident"

And what was that bit with the key about. She was told to obey the fairies and they told her to pick the middle door but she picked the left door. Why? and were there any consequences to that? Were the fairies wrong? what would have happened if she had opened the door they picked? would she have gotten something other than a knife? Is she responsible for blood being necessary to open the gate?


I wasn't irritated... I just don't grok why Bu & you seem to have this need to know what happens before it happens(he often reads ahead)- I find it weird... I guess I just prefer to be surprised *lol*
The vast majority of the time, I know how a movie is going to end before the exposition is over. There's only so many plots out there, everything else is just variations. So knowing how a movie ends or the plot turns is a minor detail to me. But seeing HOW it is done is the magic of a story, no matter if it's the words on the page or the faces of the actors.
I didn't particularly like it, and it was a bit too goody/baddy for me.