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March 2018



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More Movies and a Busy Day

Tuesday B&K came over and watched The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with me. I think B was a bit upset with all the changes. But I couldn't get to sleep after they left so I watched it again with the director's commentary. DNA wrote the script for the movie, and it isn't as if the books or the TV show were too close to the Radio show and he wrote all of them. He made changes every time he switched media. It was a fun movie and enjoyed it for what it was.

Wednesday I went over to K's house during the day and watched The Spiderwick Chronicles Which was fun and fast.

Today I started out at 8:30 with breakfast with my sister Gina. And I got to meet my new nephew Forrest. He has amazing blue eyes. We had pastry at the Ithaca Bakery then went shopping at Momma Goose (which was having a Grand Opening Sale at its new location next to Bishop's on State St.) Gina agrees with Wolf that there is a river of baby goods and new parents rarely have to buy things, they just take in used things from other parents and pass them on.

At 2pm I met Marylin at the Wegman's Cafe to hang out and talk.

At 7pm I met B&K at the Maul to see The Dark Knight. I was afraid to watch this movie because I had heard it was very dark. It was worth it. There was one funny thing that happened in our audience though. At one point the Joker is in a holding cell in the police station and they put another prisoner in the cell with him. There is lull in the movie right then and a woman in our audience said very loudly "Why did they put anyone in the cell with him! That is just stupid!" and several people in the audience agreed with her :-D On a more somber note I couldn't watch Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker without thinking that this is the movie that killed him. Over all it was a very good movie. Even though I had read many spoilers beforehand I still found it surprising.


I agreed too with our adorable old lady that was so astonished. I kept wondering/hoping if they do posrhumous oscars... He seriously kicked butt in that part... I hope so- it might give his family some solace... btw: what do you mean the movue killed him? I thought he died from an accdental drug overdose? Are you implying that playing thus part got to him so basly that he *poof* became addicted to drugs?
"Are you implying that playing thus part got to him so basly that he *poof* became addicted to drugs?"

No. I had heard that he was taking all those sleeping medication because he was having trouble sleeping after playing the Joker.

As the comment below mentions Heath was a method actor. I hadn't heard about him using heroin after playing a junkie in "Candy". But that would be consistent with the theory that he let the parts get to him.
There's no way in Hell a method actor can tap into the Chaos that is Joker and escape unscathed.

And I totally agree that the 20 year cop should have known better then stand IN THE ROOM with him. But, if he didn't, then Joker wouldn't have gotten his phone call. So...

Dark Knight

That wasn't the scene. I actually don't have a problem with the cop in the interrogation room. Although it did turn out to be a bad idea.

The scene we were talking about was before that, when all the prisoners were in the holding cells and the big guy who kept complaining about his stomach hurting was put in the cell with the Joker. Although that turned out to be irrelevant, possibly even an illusion (as in: they might have been in separate cells, it just looked like they were in the same cell).
He was great in TDK but it didn't cause his death. The film that did was Candy. I bought it and its tough to watch. He was a method actor & he visited a junkie in rehab to learn how to shoot up for the role. I believe he started using heroin for real. He tried to weed himself off using oxycontin.
I knew he used drugs since 05, I would always read the blind items. I was still shocked when he passed away. So much talent gone, & a girl without her