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March 2018



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Smart or Pretty?

For women it is better to be pretty than smart.

Men care more about appearance than intelligence. Women also judge other women by appearance.

Even when it comes to work pretty women are more likely to be hired and promoted than smart women.

It sucks but that is just life.

[and I shouldn't have to point out that fat is the same as ugly in our culture]


Better Smart and big than dense and twig I always say :)

Being thin doesn't do you much good if your teeth aren't perfect and you don't have a rack that bounces nicely when you walk. I've watched it happen to me.

Society sucks. We should reject it and create our own.
The older you get, the less pretty matters to those around your age. I keep finding men who have had pretty women, and they were not what they wanted after they had them. I've been in an interesting situation of having men leave me for women who were not any prettier than I was. The last one...egads but I think she's unattractive, just plays the victim really well.
Sadly, you're right. I suppose that's partly why I make vit zee jokes...

I'm sure I won't quote this saying by Marilyn Monroe exactly right, but Marilyn (a hilarious comedienne) once said, "No woman who is funny was ever pretty as a little girl."

What Men Think

I do believe that women judge other women, and that people in general are judged be their appearances. I don't agree that "For women it is better to be pretty than smart." It's better to be smart, no way would I substitute intelligence for good looks. A good education will help you to survive, not good looks, as good looks do not endure.

And what men think is not important, unless you allow that kind of thinking to control your life. I don't.

Re: What Men Think

I would be more convinced by your argument if my degree had ever gotten me a job.

There is a limit to what positive thinking can do when men have all the money and power.

Re: What Men Think

It seems this way I think, while this country is patriarchal. And since I don't know you personally I can't comment on your situation.

'Positive thinking' isn't what I was trying to convey. I think that your idea that a woman's good looks is what makes them successful is not true. Actually a woman's attractiveness can he a bit of a hindrance, since men tend to think of women a sex objects in our patriarchal society. The truly successful women who I have known an admired in my working life have not been all that attractive. The fact that you have never obtained a job with a degree doesn't have anything to do with men being in control. You own that attitude and thinking. So that is what you need to change. You can't change what men do or think, only yourself.