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March 2018



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Familiy, Farmer's Market, and Wineries

My cousin Christina and aunt Susan were in town so my parents brought them up to see me. We went to the Farmer's Market for lunch. I talked them into the Cambodian stand. I had not tried the steamed buns before, they were nice.

After lunch we went to some wineries: Sheldrake Point, Lucas, and Bellwether Hard Cider. I tried a flight at Sheldrake Point and Bellwether but Lucas was too crowded. I was surprised I like the hard ciders, I'm not much of a hard cider person. But I do enjoy taste tests so I had fun.

Aunt Susan had a TomTom that we used that to navigate. Christina said it's name was Ann, she has a pleasant female voice. I have never been in a car with a TomTom before, she was fun, especially when we didn't do what she told us to do. By the end of the visit dad was arguing with her. She doesn't argue back though. Aunt Susan was saying they should make them with more Real People Personality, and it should talk more on long trips. When you have been driving for a while without it saying anything it can be quite a shock when it starts talking again.

I have my dad's car now. It looks just like my old car: white, Olds Cutlass. But the driver's side passenger door leaks. They want me to switch it with the door on my car before I get rid of it. I wish I knew more about cars I could keep the old one and use it for parts.


Bellweather cider is awesome! Did you try the cherry one? My favorite.
There was one I tried that had cherries in it but I didn't like it. I think it was too sour for my taste.