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March 2018



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The American Empire

Geov Parrish

Divine bullying
State of the Union fails to mention oil -- but displays two other major reasons for Bush's unprovoked war
President Bush's State of the Union address, as expected and desired, has both politicians and pundits buzzing. Most notable, in the speech's aftermath, is the sharp division in how it was received. A year ago, American media outlets either were as effusive as the Republican (and some Democratic) politicians, or focused solely on analysis of the speech's content. Meanwhile, European and other foreign media went ballistic over crude inventions like the "Axis of Evil" formulation.

This year, Europeans were once again scathing, and also this time alarmed over the very real possibility that Bush will have his war, consequences or allies be damned. Bush's truculence was particularly frightening combined with the day's other major story, buried in the U.S., of the sweeping Likud victory in Israel's parliamentary elections -- a mandate that guarantees any U.S. invasion will signal a vicious Israeli crackdown on Palestinians, with all the further bloodshed that implies.

But here at home, media reports spent a lot more time this year documenting the skepticism of Americans. It was often presented in the typically cowardly "one comment from each side" attempt at "balance" which only tells readers or viewers that there is conflict on a given issue. But even that was much further than most reports were willing to venture in 2002, and in many cases stories didn't just include open doubt about Bush's claims on both Iraq and his domestic agenda. They focused on it.

With good reason. Bush's speech included many of the key elements that are making normally supportive Americans leery, particularly of Bush's foreign adventurism. There are, by my count, three major reasons why Bush and his aides are infatuated, at a geopolitical level, with the idea of invading, conquering, and either running or installing a puppet regime in Iraq. (This doesn't count reasons stemming from Bush's psychological profile, the obsessive and essentially unknowable "he tried to kill my daddy" factor endlessly, and pointlessly, speculated on by critics.)

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Thanks for pointing to that. I'm not sure there is any way possible to derail this war and I also believe that we will begin to suffer terrorist attacks on a scale to compare with Israel if we do invade. This looks like a naked grab for oil and dominance to the rest of the world because that’s what it is. I am more worried about the future that I have been since I was a kid. America has always been a good guy…until now.