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March 2018



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witchy cat

Kip's Health

Kip has been drooling a lot and having trouble eating. When The Beast was down here she took a look at his mouth and saw a growth on his upper jaw. So, I took Kip to the Southside Community Center Healthy Pet Clinic tonight. We just got back so he's still mad at me about it.

The clinic is the second Wed of the month in the gym at 305 South Plain St from 6pm to 9pm. (come in the south side door) And cost $20 for the first visit and $10 for follow up visits.

I got there at 6pm and it was already crowded. I only saw cats and dogs. But the staff are students and teachers from the Cornell Vet school so they should be able to handle anything the vet school can handle.

After an hour and a half wait I got to see three lovely young vet students. Kip did not want to come out so they took apart his carrier to get at him. He was very good and did not bite or struggle... much. After they palpated him for a while and taken a look at the growth on his upper gum they called for a "real" vet (their term). An older woman came over and took a look at Kip then asked the young girls what they thought it was. One of them ventured that it might be an infected tooth. The real vet granted that there might be an infected tooth buried inside the tumor. But really it was much more likely to be an oral Squamous cell carcinoma. The Vet said they could do surgery and remove the tumor but it would come right back. There is no cure for this kind of feline cancer. The students asked her about palliative care and she said there really wasn't anything. Feed him soft food and when he can't eat anymore look into euthanasia. I asked her for an estimate but she just didn't know. Or didn't want to tell me.

I was hoping it would be something simple and not something incurably fatal. But I'm not really surprised. I'll see what I do in the way of baby food for him.


is there anyway to be absolutely sure that it's this kind of cancer? are you waiting on tests?

I'm so sorry. :(
To be sure we would need to do a biopsy. That would cost about $200-$600 and I just don't have the money.
oh I'm so sorry. :(
Have you tried Modest Needs?
I'm very sorry to hear that. :(
Thank you
I am so sorry. Kip is one of the sweetest cats I have ever met. I love the boy. I am so, so sorry.
Thank you. I know how much you care for him. You lived with him almost as long as I have.
Oh, Zahde.

Thank you
Thank you
Kip has had a long and mostly happy life. From the last time I saw him he was active and looked no worse than usual. He's been a good cat, and you've been a good owner. It's sad that this is happening.

I would, however, look into getting a 2nd opinion. While it is likely SCC, it doesn't sound like the exam was definitive (no biopsy was performed).
Well if you are willing to kick in the $200-$600 for the biopsy I would be willing to do that.
Oh boy! :-(

How old is Kip?
He was about 1 yr when I got him in Feb of '98 So I would say about 11.5. 12yrs is normal for this kind of cancer in cats.
Aww, that's heartbreaking. I'm so sorry.

Thank you
Its so sad this happened, but he had a long life here with you dear. I hope this passes quickly.
Give Kip a big kiss for me. (he might enjoy a spanking more though..lol)
I love that boy.
Im sorry Zahde....I know how much you love him. He is a good boy.
:( My suggestion is to thoroughly & utterly spoil him....
I'm really sad about this :(
I'm so sorry.
*hugs for Zahde*
*scritches for Kip*
Poor baby. Everyone's animals are having health problems lately. :-(