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March 2018



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Some Thoughts on Dr Who

Dr Who episodes are a bit like potato chips, when you've had one you just want more.

I thought Torchwood would really want to get their hands on John Smith's dream diary. His girlfriend kept it so they probably could have. I was thinking of Torchwood as a Dr Who obsessed organization, like the Watcher's counsel in Buffy or the earlier Dr Who watch group LINDA. I even thought the "Mysterious Woman" and the man who warned Martha's mother that The Dr was dangerous were Torchwood. I forgot that Dr Who works the season finale "Big Bad" into the whole season. Well, I thought that Torchwood might be the "Big Bad" for the season finale. It turns out that Torchwood is not very Dr Who focused. The new Torchwood (Three) not only has other things on it's mind but doesn't have the staff to go following The Dr around all over the place.

I am looking forward to seeing Torchwood. Capt Jack is hot. And John Barrowman is cute in a cuddly kind of way.

David Tennant's video diaries are more interesting than I expected. I love his accent. He is cute too.

"Blink" was the best episode of the season. It was written by Steven Moffat who wrote "Coupling". He also writes for "Jekyll" a new BBC series that is already in my Netflix Queue.


You haven't seen Torchwood yet?! Oh man, are you in for some eye candy...
I had heard that "Torchwood" was "Dr Who for Adults", a bit more swearing and sex.
That's one way to put it, yes. I won't drop any further spoilers, though, unless you really want them.
I keep hearing that I would love Torchwood. I need to just netflix it.

Oh and I agree about Dr. Who. Once I started on it I think I watched a whole season in less than 2 weeks.