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March 2018



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"Hogfather", "Stranger Than Fiction", "The Fast and the Furious"

Bu had ordered "Hogfather". It was great! I love the book and read excerpts of it every Winter Solstice to whoever will listen to me. They did a great job of bringing it to the small screen. They cut a few of my favorite bits of dialog but that is to be expected. Everyone looked the way they should. Mr Teatime was very creepy. They left out the part about him killing his parents, and his glass eye. But that was OK. I don't remember the Tooth Fairies having that bright orange Little Orphan Annie hair though.

Kaaren ordered "Stranger Than Fiction". That was on my list too I was happy to watch it. it was good. Will Ferrell was very relatable and didn't do any of his over the top physical comedy that I don't enjoy. I did find it depressing though. It was another of those "your life is a narrative" stories. Unfortunately I'm coming to believe that if my life is a narrative it is a tragedy.

This evening we tried to watch "The Fast and the Furious". After 12 minutes we had met all the primary characters and established their relationships. But we didn't care. And the music was annoying. I think that the problem is we don't know what anyone wants out of anything. The only clear motivation in the first 12 minutes was Brian's boss. He wants to have a successful business. I have no idea what anyone else wants. We stopped watching.

Strange dreams this morning about family and growing up, or rather not growing up, regressing actually. Very depressing. Except for the part about the transparent fish.


hey there...i am going to give you a call sometime over the next four days. I got your message I have just been really busy.
Hogfather is on video????
I have to go to my netflix list right now.
Stranger Than Fiction I didn't expect to like as much as I did, and when you go into a movie figuring you won't really like it, thats saying something!