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March 2018



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Kip doesn't seem to be able to eat the pureed tuna any more, because of the tumor on his upper jaw. he managed to drink the tuna water this morning. But he hasn't been drinking much water.

I had a long talk with a woman at the Cornell Vet School about how stoic cats can be.

I've had Kip for almost 11 years and I don't want to just throw him away. But I don't want to be cruel and keep him alive when he is starving to death. It's a harder decision than I thought it would be.

Kip is walking around and looking pretty lively, despite being very, very thin, and rubbing his cheek raw because of the tumor. The woman at the Vet School seemed to think I should let him go before he starts looking like he's dieing.

Unfortunately they charge $120 to euthanize and cremate a cat. I'll have to see what I can do.


I feel absolutely sick telling you this, but...shit...you may be able to get a better "price" outside of Cornell.

My vet when I was in Groton was Adana Veterinary Clinic in Freeville. I don't remember it costing that much, but...wait...looking through my financial records it was, in '04, about $90.

You know I've been through this before three times now. I know its not easy, but if you make that decision you know you are doing the best for Kip.
I called around and they were all about the same. A big difference was if the cat was already a patient of the dr. It was about $30 cheaper then.
If there was a way to get your hands on the drugs they use, I'd say do it yourself. Horrible, I know, but it may be cheaper.

Sadly one can't just buy cholorform off the shelf anymore.

Call the other vets in Ithaca, see if they can work with you. Because the school is right, best to do it now. You'll suffer more then he does if you watch him deteriorate.
I've been doing OK till today.

When the clinic told me he was terminal I hardly reacted at all.

But calling around to the vets to get prices was very hard. I just started bawling and haven't stopped.

Cornell thinks thay can schedule him for tomorrow
Oh babe, I'm so sorry for you.
Thank you