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March 2018



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Dinner and a Movie: Juno

We played Mah Jongg after dinner. While Bu was eating I tried to play a round of computer Mah Jongg solitaire with the tiles. I couldn't remember the layouts so I just made a pyramid out of the tiles. It is much easier to play that version electronically. I like games with pattern matching. Although Bu's tile set has numbers in all the corners which confuses my pattern matching skills. Then we played a hand of the real game. Or at least as much of the real game as we were up to. It was fun. More pattern matching.

The movie for the night was "Juno". I had almost put that in my queue but the reviews were very negative. I liked it. It was cute and funny and had a type of realism I liked. It wasn't preachy or idealized.

I also think the movie was Pro Choice. In the beginning Juno arranges for an abortion but she changes her mind. The movie isn't about abortion. It's about choices. She had three choices: she could get an abortion, she could keep the baby, or she could give the baby up. She made a choice. That is what being Pro Choice is about.

The movie is also about love. I tend to avoid love stories. Being single I find them depressing. But I found "Juno" to be a fun quirky movie.


It's an interesting movie in terms of the response from the pro-life and pro-choice camps. Folks from both sides say it's supportive of their position, and folks from both sides say it's against their position.

I guess that means you can read into it what you want to.

I think it's really about Juno & the strength that is so obviously in her personality... but yesah there's definately love in it...