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March 2018



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lunar clock

Holiday Update

I had a wonderful Solstice with the Seversons. For dinner bloodsong1 made chicken with poppyseed gravy, and sauted baby spinach and mushrooms. I had never had poppyseed gray before, it was delicious. I have never met a mushroom I didn't like. We talked about cooked spinach beforehand. I can never get all the sand out of the fresh stuff, but her spinach was delightful, much better than the frozen cooked spinach I usually make for myself.

I was very glad that shapeshft was able to join after dinner.

Wolf was the only one who stayed awake the whole night. But he had company for most of it.
I was feeling a bit achy and tired yesterday so I didn't go down to my parents till today.

We had a turkey dinner and sang carols. That was the second "Thanksgiving" dinner I had this year. And this is the first year in a while that I have not cooked a turkey myself.

My nephew, Forrest, is growing up fast.
Dave, my BIL, showed me some fantastic books. Flotsam by David Wiesner A boy finds an underwater camera on the beach and developes the film inside. It is full of fantastic pictures. The last picture is of a girl holding a picture of a boy holding a picture, etc. The current boy puts film in the camera, takes a picture of himself holding the picture of the previous children and throws the camera back in the sea to continue it's journey. "This wordless books vivid watercolor paintings have a crisp realism that anchors the elements of fantasy."

Big Cats by Donna H. Bowman (Author), Christina Wald (Illustrator). Christina is my favorite cousin. It is neat for me to look at a book where I know the artist. She really likes fantasy work but she seems to be getting a lot of nature realism jobs lately. This book reminded me of the "-ology" books. Lots of information, texture, and detailed art. But about real things. Christina did a great job bringing all the different cats to life.


To get the sand out of fresh spinach, don't rinse it in a colander. Fill your kitchen sink almost to the top with cold water and dump the spinach in. Swish it around a bit so that all of it is wet, then let it stand for ten minutes or so, stirring occasionally. The sand sinks to the bottom. Works for me every time.
That's what we did, except I don't have a proper sink stopper, so we lost all the water in about five minutes. ^_^
Blessed solstice to you!