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March 2018



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health upate

It seems like a lot of people were sick this holiday season. Myself included.

I decided not to go down to my parents on xmas eve because I felt achy and tired (flu-like symptoms). But I felt better the next day. Unfortunately most of the family was sick. Just before I left to come home dad complained of feeling ill, or overly full. The next day I began to have the same symptoms, as if I had swallowed baking soda and vinegar. I felt bloated and kept burping. Things went down hill from there. I called home and mom told me dad felt so bad he had thought he was having a heart attack and wanted to call 911. The doctor said it was a 24hr stomach bug and recommended Imodium. I only had bismuth subsalicylate on hand and could not leave the house for the last two days. I've been eating biscuits and soft boiled eggs. I really wish I had some ginger ale and saltines.

I feel as if I have returned from the dead today. Which is odd because I really didn't feel that miserable when I was sick.

I seem to have lost a few days though. I was sure it was Saturday this morning.

But I got a lot of reading done. I read "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norell" Which is just as good as everyone says it is. After reading all 800 pages in two days I wanted to go back to the beginning and read it again. But I decided to take a break and read The City of Dreaming Books.


I haven't read Johnathan Strange & Mister Norrell yet.

Is The City of Dreaming Books any good?
Reading the two of them so close together makes comparing them easy.

The City of Dreaming Books does not benefit from the proximity.

JS&MN is fantastic! I was a bit worried about the length but once I got started I couldn't put it down. Everything she says is interesting and moves the story along.

TCoDB on the other hand is half as long twice as hard to read. Which is odd since TCoDB is much lighter and clearly intended for a younger audience. There are a lot of neat ideas and cute drawings. But the plot is a bit random. It is just one thing happening after another. There is a lot of redundancy in the text as well, as if the author thinks the reader is not very bright and needs things pointed out to them.
Thanks--I'll pass on The City of Dreaming Books, then.
OMG I was feeling pukey and sick too some days back, it must be a super virus going around the world at light-speed or something ...
If you had the same thing it must be going around the world.

I hope you feel better now.