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March 2018



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reject reality


Recently a friend of mine was having some problems with a group she is in. I was trying to think how to advise her and the first thing that came to my mind was "What Would Obama Do?" in her situation. We just watched him for a year while people said awful things about him and he didn't say awful things back. Then when he won he turned around and was nice to those same people and chose to bring them on to his team instead of getting revenge.

It is really nice to have a President who behaves in a way you would recommend other people behave. We have not seen a President like that since Jimmy Carter.


Will be nice to have someone in office who seems genuine and not a religious poser.
I remember when McCain tried to paint Obama as hot-headed. I liked it when Craig Ferguson had them show a clip of Obama's supposed hot-headedness. He looked mildly testy at something McCain said and calmly replied, "Well, as you know, John..."

I will keep Obama in mind and try to have hope when I'm feeling low. After all, Obama was elected when I didn't think it was possible, and the Cardinals are going to the Superbowl. Truly, anything can happen. :-)

I will therefore see the changes in my life as ultimately for the best, and try to get off my big, fat butt and fix things!
Obama and Biden spent yesterday doing maintenance at shelters. Then today Obama talked about doing the work needed and helping each other. He walks his talk.

So much better a leader than Bush I and his "thousand points of light"
The man came out of the Chicago projects. He knows what it's like to be worried about money.
Clinton knew what it was like to grow up poor. But I don't remember him painting walls for pregnant teenagers.