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March 2018



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Make Magic

Fondue Weekend!

bloodsong1 had suggested that she might want to have a Fondue Dinner. my family used to have Fondue Dinners when I was a child so I was quite enthusiastic. Then B mentioned that he and K would like to join us and things began to get complicated.

When my family made fondue we wither had a pot of cheese and a loaf of bread; or we had a pot of boiling oil, cubes of raw beef, and several sauces. We never did both at the same time. But Queenie wanted to do Shabu-Shabu (Japanese for Swish-Swish) as well as cheese fondue and chocolate fondue for desert. B doesn't eat meat so we discussed having a third pot for just veggies Shabu-Shabu. But then Wolf wanted a pot of boiling oil for veggies Tempura. And since we were spending the night B suggested Welsh Rabbit (Welsh cheese fondue with cheddar instead of swiss cheese and beer instead of wine) for breakfast.

So, Friday night B and I went shopping for three types of cheese, two types of liquor, two types of bread, Sterno, and anything vegetarian we could fry. We ended up with ravioli, pierogi, mini-egg rolls, wonton skins, apricot pie filling and refried beans.

I drove down early Saturday afternoon and was almost to Binghamton before I remembered that I hadn't packed my fondue pots. I called B&K to see if they could swing by my house before they came down but they couldn't. Luckily Queenie had one fondue set and a deep electric skillet. B&K had one fondue pot they could bring.

Queenie and I spent most of the afternoon chopping veggies (carrots, bok choy, zucchini, sweet potatoes, mushrooms). Marcl chopped up the bread into cubes. I made Apricot Lanterns out of the wonton skins while Queenie made refried bean lanterns. (put the filling in the center of the wonton skin, wet the edges, bring the corners to the center making a little pouch, press the edges together, and press out the air, deep fry)

When I chopped the oranges for the chocolate fondue I decided to make candied orange rind. My dad made that a couple times when I was a kid and I like it. It was easier than I remembered. I just chopped the orange rinds into strips, asked Queenie to get me a pot with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar. I boiled the sugar water for 5 minutes then added the orange rind and continued to boil until there was almost no liquid left then I scooped the orange rinds out into a dish of powdered sugar. It took about half an hour was a great addition to the chocolate fondue. Queenie sliced the frozen beef and chicken while I stirred the orange rinds.

My friend shapeshft lives just down the street from Queenie and Wolf so I thought to invite her and ask her to bring a fondue pot since I had forgotten mine.

At around 6:30 B&K showed up just as Queenie and I had gotten the cheese melted for the cheese fondue and we started eating that while Queenie pot the oil on to heat, and set up the Shabu-Shabu pot. They had purchased a fondue set as a gift for Queenie and Wolf so we had a perfect pot for the Chocolate Fondue.

Queenie and I had fun with the Shabu-Shabu but B&K filled up on cheese and bread. We also fried the bean and apricot lanterns. I had B fry up some zucchini and sweet potato for me. I had sliced one of the sweet potatoes very thin for the Shabu-Shabu but I ended up making sweet potato chips instead. There was so much food we never took the ravioli, pierogi, or mini-egg rolls out of the freezer.

shapeshft arrived in time for the chocolate fondue. (She brought her fondue pot but we no longer needed it.) Queenie had purchased a chocolate Easter bunny to melt down along with the chocolate chips and half & half. I mostly dipped bread in the chocolate. Queenie tried an Apricot lantern in chocolate. I'm not sure how many people tried the orange rinds although they were popular.

Since nobody was eating anymore I dumped the rest of the raw meat, mushrooms, zucchini, and carrots into the Shabu-Shabu to cook.

After that I think we started watching "Helsing" until the children joined us. Then we switched to "Death Note".

Oh, I forgot to mention the "Cheese Plate" Wolf arranged. It had Gorgonzola, Norwegian Goat cheese, Cheddar, Brie, Wegmans Five Bean Salad, and Cous-Cous salad. All quite good. I don't usually go for moldy, or stinky cheeses, but I gave the Gorgonzola a fair try and it was interesting. I loved the Three Bean Salad I need to try to make that myself.

At about 10pm Queenie collapsed and she and Wolf went to bed. B and I set up our C-PAP machines and K played on the computer till 2am.

Marcl gets up at 6am to watch TV and The Cuteness gets up at 8am. Around 10am Wolf made the leftover bread into french toast, which we ate with left over chocolate sauce.

B&K left around 11:30, but I stayed till 4pm watching an Anthony Bourdain marathon on the travel channel. We had left over Shabu-Shabu soup with rice for lunch.

Queenie sent me home with the left over Bok Choy and the all the Welsh Rabbit fixings. I guess Welsh Rabbit will dinner for tomorrow's Dinner & and a Movie.


It was a wonderful party!
I did try the orange rinds and thought they were great with the chocolate.
I definitely think the new fondue pot worked much better than my garage sale find could have.
I'm glad you could make it.

Your cute little pot looked perfect for a small chocolate fondue.
Nifty! I didn't know it was that easy to candy orange rind. I'm guessing you could do the same with limes, although the rind might be a bit thinner. Hmm.

I'd love to have a fondue pot again. I had one briefly, but a roommate used it as a regular pot and broke the handle off. Sigh. Then again, I am really fond of cheese and bread and chocolate, so it's probably something I don't want around until I've made more progress on my diet. Mmmmmm, cheesy goodness... ;-)
I like the rind thin, it's crunchier that way. I try to get a hard candy reuselt rather than the soft result but it's tricky.

Any kind of chaffing dish will work. And you can still find fondue pots at yard sales and thrift shops. B bought the gift pot for Queenie at Wegmans. It was a nice ceramic one.

And there is always Welsh Rabbit, you serve that right out the a regular sauce pot.
Wow, what a party! Sounds like you had fun.

Fondue is popular again. It was big in the 70's too, I hear.
yeah it was fun.

Most of my childhood was in the '70s so I grew up with fondue.