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March 2018



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Dinner and a Movie

I bought some Quorn meatballs for dinner. I don't think the stew really showcased them well. But I'm willing to give Quorn another try. Wegmans carries a variety of Quorn products.

Tonight's movie was 1 episode of "Avatar: The last Airbender", the first 2 episodes of "United States of Tara", and the season four opener of "Weeds". I had never seen "United States of Tara" it was good. I'm going to put it on my netflix

I was talking to B about Watchmen. Over on toddalcott they were commenting that "the people griping about Dr. Manhattan's penis (A) avoid the word penis in favor of funny or immature words (e.g., wang, schlong, Little Manhattan, "blue balls", etc.) (B) talk about how much they didn't need to see it, then go on to describe it in painstaking detail (it's uncircumcised, it jiggles, it's too big, it's not big enough, etc.) and (C) tend to be overwhelmingly male."

B said that most of the complaints he was reading were coming from women. So, gentle readers, are women or men more offended by male nudity in films?

In other news. As much as I enjoy reading all the gay porn inspired by "Torchwood" I really miss seeing new episodes of the show.


I didn't have any trouble with the penis at all. From the fuss that some people made, I expected it to be waggled in my face or something.

Besides, it's computer-generated. Really, people.

Didn't notice it jiggling. Meh.

Our group, four women and one guy, universally agreed that we didn't know what the deal was.
I, personally, was thrilled. That V-shaped bikini he had for certain scenes looked more fake then his glowing blue body.

I suspect it's a case of personal comfort zones more then gender. Some people simply don't want to see full frontal nudity, of either sex.
Have you read any fic by rm and kalichan? They're fucking fabulous and write beautiful fic that enriches my experience of the series.
I have not read any fic by rm or kalichan, but then I was mostly looking for gay porn. Do they write gay porn?
Yep. In the context of larger stories, but yes. There is gay torchwood p0rn for sure.

the attention put into making that blue weenis sway with every one of dr. manhattan's movements was the most entertaining aspect of the whole movie, in my opinion. i wonder how large a team of individuals was dedicated to and paid for that sole task...