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March 2018



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yin yang cats

New Cat

Well, the new cat just arrived. Her name is Princess Daisy Bighead (not my fault she came that way). As soon as I heard the "daisy" part all I could think about was Daisy Duke.

"the flower name comes from the English word dægeseage, meaning "day's eye." The name Daisy is therefore ultimately derived from this source a synonym for the Sun. Daisy is also a nickname for Margaret, used because Marguerite, the French version of that name, is also a French name for the oxeye daisy."

Maybe I could call her Princess Margaret, or Queen Magrat

Anyway she is a Grey Mackerel Tabby short hair. Currently hiding somewhere in my apartment. She and Ninshubur have been checking each other out. No hostilities so far.


Congratulations on your new addition
Thank you.

I was a bit worried that I have gotten into a viscious cycle. I got Ninshubur to keep Kip company, now I have taken in Daisy Duke to keep Ninshubur company. Where will it end?
When you're dead. ^_^

Seriously, good luck with the integration. I like Queen Magrat myself, and you can call her Mags for short.
awww where did you get her?
Kaaren's boyfriend's girlfriend Connie. I love saying that.

She is movie and needs to pare down on pets.
Have fun with your new little cuddle. I'm sure she and Ninshubur will work out their kitty dominance issues.

I believe "Perla" is a nickname for "Margaret" in Spanish, since "Margaret" can also mean pearl. "Perlita" is "little pearl." (See Margaert on BehindtheName.com.) (Since "Margaret" is my given name, I know a bit about its meanings and variations. ::grin::)

"Princess Daisy" reminds me of "Princess Buttercup" from The Princess Bride.
Dickens is a gray mackerel tabby, then. I didn't realize there was a specific name. I always called him "a grey striped tabby." :-)
I always thought the mackerel pattern was the basic tabby. I only found out otherwise when I was looking for the name of the bullseye pattern that is associated with Main Coons. That pattern is the Classic Tabby.

My understanding of mackerel references is vastly enhanced by having cought mackerel while fishing with my dad in Maine as a child. "Mackerel sky, mackerel sky. Never long wet and never long dry." . Mackerel do indeed become very stiff soon after they die, which is where the saying "stiff as a mackerel" comes from.
Mackerel are actually rather pretty. I never knew that. I've seen mackerel skies before, but I never knew what to call them. I always thought the clouds looked like rows of plowed fields.

Dickens seems to be a mix of a mackerel tabby and a tuxedo cat. I think of him as wearing a grey shark-skin tuxedo or a striped zoot suit. :-D
Mackerel are very clean and abstract looking. I prefer the more complicated fish that a lot of people call "ugly" like the Sea Raven or the sculpin

I like the idea of a cat wearing a "shark-skin tuxedo or a striped zoot suit". I always said Kip was wearing a gray morning suit with tails, a cravat, white gloves, and spats. He was quite the formal gentleman.

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