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March 2018



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cat laughing

The World's Most Terrifying Penises : The Leopard Slug

Watch this! It is very funny. Not so much the slugs mating, which is interesting as those sort of things go, but the narration by dave_littler is hilarious.


Narration like that would have made high-school biology videos much more entertaining.

I especially enjoyed the bit about the slug and her hideous offspring on the streets. That man has one vivid imagination.

You mean this narration?

He posted the full text on his LiveJournal

"The two intertwined prehensile body-length translucent slug cocks metamorphose, transforming into a configuration which looks somewhat like a church bell got drunk one night, fucked a rose and then gave birth to infants which it then had to explain through tearful eyes to the minister before being excommunicated and forced to live on the streets and sell its bong noises to greasy men in back alleys in order to support its hideous offspring, praying every night to a bell-shaped god which didn't seem to be listening anymore for forgiveness for this terrible crime against nature."

Re: You mean this narration?


Yes, that's the one.
That is amazing, bizarre, and wonderful!
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I've been thinking about you.
I've been thinking about you.

Hopefully not because of the slugs! :D
Not entirely. I thought you would enjoy the slugs because you enjoy natural science.
But I was also thinking about your garden. I've been reading ursulav's journal. She is mostly talking about building a salt water coral aquarium but she also discusses her garden. You would probably like her.

And your birds. phoenixmedusa has been going bird crazy, she has a whole aviary now. And gordon92151 (Bu's mom) is getting a new cage for her parrot and posted about bird dominance issues.

A little while ago dykestwofstrip posted about finding one's watershed address

And when ever I hear a radio spot about the project to get at the Marcellus Shale I remember what you told me about that.
Very cool! And you are certainly right about the slugs in that respect. Thanks for the journal suggestions! I like the idea of finding one's watershed address; it fits right in with the "sense of place" stuff I've been working on lately.

It turns out I am very close to the border of two sub-watersheds. According to the EPA I'm actually in is the Owego-Wappasening watershed, but the primary river is of course the Susquehanna.

So I think my watershed address would be something like...

A half mile downstream from the confluence
of the Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers,
one-third mile up the hill to the south,
by the oaks and hemlock trees
along a once-intermittent forest stream
which is now in a corrugated steel pipe.

When I asked about utilities on my property, the City of Binghamton didn't tell me about the pipe, but I found it while planting my fothergilla. A neighbor who has lived here her whole life told me it was a stream before my house was built.
Ok I couldn't watch the whole thing. Just too gross!
ROFL...."and then the really weird shit starts?"