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March 2018



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fruits and vegetables

Kale Chips, and Coconut Cake

I made my first batch of kale chips this evening.

I tossed the kale pieces with olive oil, vinegar, and salt. I think a standard vinaigrette might work as well.

The recipes I had suggested oven temps from 200 to 400 for 10 to 20 minutes.

They all said "spread the kale on a baking tray" what they should have said (but didn't) was "cook in batches to avoid crowding". I used two trays, but four would have been better.

When done properly the crispy chips melt on one's tongue like snowflakes. Improperly done they are soggy, sour, and chewy.

I will try this again.
I have been wanting to make Alton Brown's Coconut Cake (without processing the coconut myself).

So I brought some coconut: a 8.75 oz can Cream of Coconut, a 13.5 oz can Coconut Milk, a 17 oz can Grated Coconut in Heavy Syrup, a 7 oz block of solid pure Creamed Coconut, a 7 0z bag of sweetened Flake Coconut, and a 1 oz bottle of imitation Coconut Extract.

I will have to make the cake tomorrow to take down to bloodsong1 on Saturday.


You're coming down?

I know I said that was what I wanted, only because it's easier to corral my children in my own space, but...

Ok, then.

I shall devour "Joy of Cooking" and find something appropriately exotic. Prepare to be kidnapped and dragged off to the grocery store.

Re: You're coming down?

I called Wolf last night to make sure he liked Coconut cake, B&K don't. I just took the cakes out of the oven.

"Prepare to be kidnapped and dragged off to the grocery store."

Cool, that was my plan too.

Re: You're coming down?

I love it when great minds think alike. ^_^