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March 2018



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I'm Baaaaaaack!

I had a wonderful weekend at the Rochester Erotic Art Festival. As is usual for me, I worked the Info booth for a few hours on Saturday and Sunday. But I also attended the Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School workshop Some of the performers from the The White Elephant Burlesque Society modeled for us. I have not done life drawing in years. It was nice to get some practice. Shayna Swanson of Aloft Aerial Dance performed at the Artist's reception on Saturday night. She was amazing! I got to chat with her over breakfast the next day. And I went to Serpentessa's workshop and got to handle some red tail boa constrictors. I do love snakes.

I'm looking forward to next year.


It really sounded like fun. I wish I could have gone, but it was very bad timing for me.
They are doing it again next year. But that will probably always be a bad time of year for you.
It does depend a bit on the weather. If it was slow to warm up this year and we were still having regular frosts I probably could have gone.

Plus, financially, this year I need to pay for those god-awful exams. After I pass them then I'll have more cash to do fun things. Hopefully I'll pass them in December if I don't pass them this June. But with one of them having a 30% pass rate there's a chance I might have to take it a few times.
Sounds like a blast!

I checked online to see if there was a branch of Dr. Sketchy's in Phoenix, but the link went to an advertisement for prescriptions. Sigh.

If only I were in my 20s again, and sexy, I'd do burlesque in a hot second. I always thought it sounded like campy fun.

This weekend I got to pet stingrays. :-)
So who says you aren't sexy? Silly poopyheads!
I do, but thanks anyway. :-)
Check out the The White Elephant Burlesque Society They are not skinny people. Well, some of them are, but some of them aren't.