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March 2018



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Eleven Doctors: Number Five

I got the first three episodes of Peter Davidson as Dr Who. So far Tom Baker is my favorite Doctor.

William Hartnell was a crotchety old man, Patrick Troughton was a clown,
Jon Pertwee was an officious dandy, Tom Baker was an alien and a bit of a bastard at times.

Peter Davidson so far seems to have a bad temper. Everyone in the TARDIS seems to have anger management issues, they are always arguing. Who wants to be around people who are arguing all the time.

Watching the old series gives me a new appreciation of the new series. The people working on the new series are clearly fans of the old series.

Christopher Eccleston is an action adventure Doctor, Vin Diesel could have played the part.

David Tennant actually has more of the alien feel that I felt with Tom Baker. Although sexier. But Tom Baker was consciously playing to the children. David Tennant's Doctor is more sexy but also more lonely, haunted. A really good Doctor, and I don't mean morally. Tennant's Doctor is complex and conflicted and that makes a very good character in a drama.

I've got three more Doctors to see. And Peter Davidson my yet win me over.


Are you sure you aren't confusing Colin Baker with Peter Davison? Davison was kind of an affable guy from my viewings, while Baker with this amazing technicolor tardis coat was always mr. screamy. Something was supposed to have gone "wrong" with his regen making him abrasive, but unfortunately for poor Colin, the audience hated this interpretation.
I have not seen any of Colin Baker yet. I'm trying to watch them in order, as much as possible since a lot of the existing episodes aren't available on DVD yet. I expected Davidson to be more affable than Tom Baker but that is not coming through in the first three episodes. Things may improve when Tegan leaves. She seems to have a very bad attitude. Adric also seems to be a bit tempermental. As I said everyone in the TARDIS seems to be yelling a lot right now.
"Christopher Eccleston is an action adventure Doctor, Vin Diesel could have played the part."

Okay, I don't agree with you at all...but OOOOH BURRNNNN! Eccles just might kill himself if he heard you say that ;)
I doubt Mr Eccleston cares much about my opinion. And Vin Diesel is not that bad, he has range, he has played an alien and a babysitter. It's just that when I think of Eccleston's Doctor I think of a sort of red neck action hero. But I really don't know much about his other work. I've only seen him in "Gone in 60 Seconds" and "Heroes".

I was going to say I don't think "The Rock", Dwayne Johnson, would have played the same action hero Doctor, he has more of a down to earth sense of humor.
Of course he doesn't act like he cares, but trust me, he does. He wouldn't be afraid of getting type-casted if he didn't care about the general public's opinion of him.

I'd say 'ol Chris has heaps of acting clout over Vin, and not because I don't like Vin Diesel, I just put him closer to Arnold Governator in range than Chris.

Okay, after that comment about the Rock as the Doctor I have to go wash out my brain!!!