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March 2018



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A Very Busy Weekend

I went down to Binghamton on Friday to spend the night with the Seversons so we could get an early start to Barb's for Procrastinator's Beltain. Friday night I forced them to watch the first three episodes of "Jekyll", which they enjoyed. I don't usually insist that other people watch movies just because I like them. But this is really good, and anyone who enjoys sci-fi/fantasy action should enjoy "Jekyll".

Saturday we went down to Barb's for Procrastinator's Beltain. I brought my Oreo Truffles, which were a great hit and got included on the plate for ritual. I spent most of the day in delightful conversation with ybennoach. Who is a very intelligent and knowledgeable young man. It is so much fun to discuss religion with someone who has read the Bible in Hebrew.

Sunday I helped bloodsong1 with a little weeding in the front yard. I had my new pruning clippers in the trunk of my car so I cut a bunch of maple saplings out of her hedge. Then I supervised while she built a fairy house. We went with the Celtic round house design. But more of a half circle since it was up against the wall of her house. I was amazed that such a small structure used all of the maple saplings I had cut out of the hedge, and a good pile of the leafy twigs for the roof. I had severely underestimated the material requirements for that construction. But the results look good. Like pile of leaves really, but what do you expect fairies to live in. It has sturdy woven walls inside. And Queenie put out a tiny cup of milk and honey to attract the fairies. After all that yard work we went out for milkshakes. Over conversation we agreed to make Schnitzel for dinner, with boiled potatoes, steamed broccoli and Hollandaise sauce. Then I went home.

When I got home I discovered that I had neglected to pack the cord to my Bi-PAP machine. Today the Seversons came up to Ithaca to return it to me. Which was very kind of them. I had intended to go back down there and get it. We had a nice visit and ate lunch at the Short Stop Deli.


Movies, not so much.

Books, now. You're a Pratchett pusher. ^_^
You are right about that. I'm totally a Pratchett Pusher. :-D
And on a totally unrelated note, I discovered we had left the hammer out near the fairy house last night after work. I felt HORRIBLE and quickly removed it.

Hopefully the fairies will visit now.