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March 2018



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"The Cat Returns" (2002)

"The Cat Returns" is a delightful fairy tale! It uses a lot of standard fairy tale motifs but has it's own original plot. A shy and klutzy schools girl, Haru, rescues a cat from being run over by a truck. In return the King of Cats (voiced by Tim Curry) wants her to marry his son (the cat she rescued) and live in the Kingdom of the Cats. She doesn't want to and a mysterious voice tells her to go to the Cat Bureau for help. There she meets Muta, a large white cat with one brown ear, Toto, a stone raven who comes to life, and Baron Humbert von Gikkingen, a cat figurine who comes to life. When the Cat King's servants whisk Haru off to the Cat Kingdom Muta and the Baron follow to rescue her.


Isn't it wonderful? If you liked it, you should watch Whisper of the Heart, also by Miyazaki.
Baron is The Coolest Ever.

I noticed on the Netflix blurb it was a sequel to Whisper of the Heart. I take it this is where Louise shows up?
Not really. It is about a girl who writes a story about the Baron. In a way, The Cat Returns is probably one of her stories.
It's on my list. Actually, Whisper of the Heart was before The Cat Returns on my list, but I watched it at the Severson's.

Another great one

Both The Cat Returns and Whisper of the Heart are delightful. They are from Studio Ghibli, probably the best known and most loved Japanese animation studio. Disney bought the American rights to most, if not all, their works and is dubbing and releasing them. Unfortunately my favorite, Only Yesterday will probably not be released in the US. It’s wonderful. Ask Bu if he knows anything about it. I have a copy from Japan which has subtitles. Maybe I could lend it to you.