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March 2018



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"Hancock" (2008)

In "Hancock" Will Smith plays John Hancock, an alcoholic superhero who is rescued by a PR agent, played by Jason Bateman. I had high hopes for this one, it could have been a great movie but it wasn't.

I like Jason Bateman but he just didn't work in this movie. In the first half when the movie looked like it was going to be just about Jason Bateman rehabilitating Will Smith's superhero I could see why it did so badly at the box office. Humor would have been OK, Will Smith is funny here, but Jason Bateman's style of humor just didn't work. I wanted Hancock to keep going back to prison to do more sharing with the 12-Step group. That would have been funny and interesting.

Once the plot about Hancock and Mary kicked in the movie started getting interesting. I wanted to know more about them. I wish they had made a drama about those two characters instead of this halfhearted comedy.

This movie was classified as an "Action & Adventure" when it should have been classified as a "Comedy".

It turns out that Hancock and Mary (the PR agents wife) are both supernatural creatures. The last of their kind. Mary says they are "made in pairs" and when the pairs come together they become mortal. All the rest of their kind paired up and died. So Hancock and Mary are the only one's left. The love each other but they can't be together or they will die.

The plot would have worked if they had toned down the comedy and not used Jason Bateman. The basic idea, that a well intentioned PR man decides to help a superhero with his problems only to find out that his wife and the superhero used to be married, is good. This movie started out as a Jason Bateman style comedy about a well intentioned loser and ended as a drama about two eternal lovers who have to part in order to live.